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From YouTube (Sheena Wrestler)

MuscleChickKickboxer: My boyfriend wrestled her. He was destroyed and humiliated. I remember that day so well.  At one point a few hours after the match he broke down and cried. He never thought a female would be able to school him the way she did.

Strong is the new black: WWE is doing something wrong, since she is not wrestling there

spandex time: what an incredibly skillful gorgeous woman

Mitchell A: Sheena is one of the most powerful and strongest women in the world.

Panos Mynrissas: ?????Rock hard arms ????♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Gango Farid: she’s so pretty

Bertrand C: Thank you for showing us what a true powerful woman is. You are fantastic!

On Instagram (sheenawrestler)

ngnsupps: So impressive. You are relentless in bettering yourself. Dropdead beautiful, but for as good a wrestler as you were a year ago...your added strength has made you deadly.

jchris5478: @sheenawrestler is #terminator ? ?

anrick1314: Wow. I have a question. If you fight Dwayne Johnson in real competitive wrestling or mma rule, can you beat or choke him out??    sheenawrestler to @anrick1314:  He would not last unt the first knockout. After 1min fighting time he runs back to Malibu Beach

devfast16: Look at those powerful are the future...

matthewgrant710: So much sex appeal???????

sheenaisgoddess: oh my freaking god!!! That arm is huuuge !!! Lol he is so powerless in front of you... one move and you could k.o him ? I fell in love with your huge arms lol ....kill me with those guns please ?

Bbfdhssd: You’re not of this world?

canadiansubwrestler: Those arms and legs of you’re look scary ?

shortony: Absolute powerhouse!! Your muscles have muscles ?

Rinkfan: Sheena you are unreal. A true Queen of the Jungle. Tarzan has nothing in you !

jz_beach: Best woman on the circuit today!??

shubham16_shar: You can actually crush skull with those killer thighs, every man should fear them or he is gone within a blink of an eyelash

gym.heroes_95: Beautiful and great body shape you got now ?great work and well done hope to see your improvement better and better?

ebertsghost: Guys are tapping so much against you they should probably be using Morse Code! ?????????

jankrugster: HOLY MACKEREL YOU ARE VICIOUS AND POWERFUL!??????????????????

ctp54: Looks like he is crying... You are absolutely destroying and humiliating him

dezsessionwrestler: KILL HIM

ashkanalizade123gmai: Very very very very very very very very very very gooooooooood ????

lesliecooper8: Getting more muscular by the day!

mixedwrestling1993: You are my dream ?

nelsonrg766: Brutalll!!!! ????

atriakeel: wow, you almost broke his arm and then his neck ??

ahmedibrahim_ding: real amazon body ??

warmout63: I have to tell you I’m proud of you an your hard work myself I love a woman that proves that she is strong an beat the shit out of guys. Cause I’m sick of hearing about women getting abused . I don’t think that they are men so I love it when I see you an women like you kick some these guys ass I just think your beautiful inside as well as on the outside. You have an amazing body an who wouldn’t want to have those gorgeous sexy muscles wrapped around them. Keep up the hard work. Just saying love to see you in mini skirt an heels those legs wow anyway have a great day maybe someday I will get the chance to feel that power

mikeandernach: Perfect fighter beast Sheena! You beat down men easily! ???‍♀️?????

pitcherone: Sheena was a lot tougher and stronger than me!

subham16_shar: Such strong arms, such an amazing body. 

pablo_mortalone: Sheena the destroyer of men, think twice before disobeying a woman like her ?

jourdaincaruana: Absoluty beautiful Biceps ❤️❤️

ebertsghost: as The Legend grows, so do the biceps. ???

ngnsupps: @sheenawrestler With your skill, that guy never stood a chance. But with your added muscle/strength, you simply destroyed him. 

camel_clutch_fan: Wow. What a brutal hold. Totally dominated ???

jlwm234: @sheenawrestler You have such an enormous variety of holds and punishment, so strong and fast...really amazing, every time a surprise!

kimivhyce_big: Your clothes seem so much tighter!!! You Grow so much bigger and Muscular please keep going ... ????

Ebertsghost: Beauty x Beauty x Beauty x Beauty. Beauty In The 4th Dimension!

jankrugster: YOU’RE LOOKIN MIGHTY SEXY STRONG AND SOLID ... ???????????????????????? ... I CAN SEE YOU IN ACTION WITH THE WWE!!... YOU’D FINISN those DIVAS!! ????????????????????????????

maximilian.saeed1: I wish to wrestling with you ????? you are queen of wrestling ?

power4984: Yeahh only the best warrior Sheena súper Dominator

Jb11x12: So dominant

slavetolegs: Those thighs are legendary ???????✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️

olboymikeryan: When did you lose your last mixed match? ?

forshaydelight: You completely own him. He’s at your mercy ?

pilotage44: A muscled lethal Girl?

gym.heroes_95: Why I’m always in shock ??? you are amazing??

 From Twitter (@sheena_wrestler)

Roy Hermano: Unimaginable power, extreme beauty with just the perfect personality and voilà - we have the best session wrestler in the world today! Thank you Sheena for such an amazing experience, it will take me a few more hours to get myself together!

Robert Connor: Call your media provider! We need The Sheena Channel! All Sheena! All the time! ????????

London Martin: Just when I thought you couldn't possibly impress me more...

Toni Althoff: What a woman ???

falifaliyan: Sheena with her enchanting power and deadly thighs, has challenged all the talk and beliefs about that Men are stronger sex. @sheena_wrestler

Killer Crushes: Wow, she is built.

Knockoutmikey: Holy shit.  I am both frightened and aroused.?

Jona Lindholm: No one can beat Sheena right now...

Lady Oyanka: Sheena...she’s got muscles #doublebicepsrule

Antscha Productions: New sale. @Sheena_wrestler fans will go crazy for their favorite wrestler who beefed up and looks extremely powerful in this one sided domination game. Sexy, athletic @MinnieManga is no match for the beast, You will love it.

Tony Shor: That’s a hell of a lot of muscle, I feel sorry for anyone that wants to wrestle you!! Sexy muscle at it finest ?? definition of an alpha female ?

Brett Sonics:  you look incredible Sheena! You have an amazing physique.

Zacaria Chouiter: Hard work always repays, she’s an inspiration!

MagicBrony: She’s gotta be from Themyscria.

Barry J Hughes: Sheena may be the best session wrestler ever. She is so professional,from commenting to actually competing. Her skill level, off the charts. And she is fast,and freaky strong. She could literally destroy you. I love and respect her so much. ❤️

lockedhubby: My god, She is gorgeous and those arms, wow!  I would love to be "forced " to worship and massage those guns

Mixed Wrestling: You are perfection

Ed Lawrence: Unbelievably beautiful, sexy and powerful.  No way any man or woman can resist you!

david brown: Absolutely beautiful, your body is singing

Marco: ?

Puny: Omg?This transformation is simply incredible????sheena should wrestle with two men at the same time!

Gloria: Okay is it me or has @sheena_wrestler become a lot more violent? Because I am enjoying every second of it! LOL

Leonard: Lethal hold, could easily break his neck or choke him out in seconds if she wished.Lovely moves ?

Rudy Hyers: men cannot accept defeat but with sheena they must resign themselves

glutten for punishment: “Fucked up by Sheena” is officially the hottest thing I’ve ever read.

SmotherSub: Oh man what I would give to be destroyed by her!

James: Look forward to a day when you toss my ass around like a 'lil bitch.

Vk Grimes: Best Way to Die! ???

Classic Fbbs: Incredible Physique....

elquilmeño: Her arms are enormous! All the beauty all that power

Frank Roberts: Huge biceps goddess, perhaps 15-16"?

Kidman Makino: Surprised you weren’t arrested for carrying those guns around nyc without a permit.

thebalaamsdonkey: The best FvM wrestling I ever saw. She became such a bully. Sheena is so much stronger and skilled than him. Every time he tried anything to defend himself she made him pay.

Skylar Rene: Sheena's skills are as beautiful as she is! She lays a Black Belt Beatdown on poor Ed that is simply incredible... And humiliating. 

Lex: OMG!? A real massacre! Fortunately, when I met you, you didn't really do it ... otherwise you would have torn me to pieces! ? It is the destiny of every challenger of yours ... defeated at your feet! ???

Werner Sirtl: Please tell me, if you would choose your favorite order. What did you like Most  second ... Ballbusting Scissor Session Beatdown session Thank you very much for your answer Sheena: Beat down nr1. Werner Sirtl: Oh shit, this means Hospital afterwards.

dimitrios papoutsis: wow I am gonna say unleash your power to me pound me down uuuugggghhhffffff.?????

Erik Norman: You are most certainly a genetically gifted supergirl, Sheena!  ?

James A Smith: GAWD It is my dream to wrestle Sheena. To be dominated like this by her would be awesome. OMG Sheena you look unbelievable. So gorgeous and your body is so spectacularly sculptured. I MUST session with you in 2020.

Herman Sherules: The tension of Her muscular body, the self-confidence of Her superior Femininity are perfect to break in males: The beauty of Lady Sheenadominates!

Mattar: Wow no way unbeleevable that's so impressive but with you Sheenaeverything is possible the most beautiful strongest girl in the entire world love you❤️????????????? what a lovely pic & incredible strength

toonlink64: the honor of being aloud to worship your beautiful strong body the thought alone makes me melt i fantasize about you cradling me in them strong arms staring into your angelic face making me feel weak and emasculated  but t the same time protected and safe you truly are a goddess

Mark Gagliardi: One of the most beautiful women out there. Go meet this woman if she's close... Absolutely worth it

Tets: Head to toe, beautiful.

Michael k: Wow, body’s looking amazing??

Joggy Garson: Wow look at them lats

@OfAstruia: Your abs are ridiculous, that’s awesome. 

Jason R: You’re so impressive that I’m scared ?

wolfram leder: OMG you're so strong, beautiful muscle Goddess. You can do what ever you want, even i resist. I love it!!!!!

@tc41taco: you are very strong. the man is so weak!

Princess Nikki: OMG.. She is sooo strong 🙂

Lady Strong Style: @sheena_wrestler looks amazing torturing her male opponent ❤️??☠️?

kiran_hart: She's way stronger than she looks, that's for sure. Why is why she shouldn't be underestimated. I really thought she was 6'0.

Barry J Hughes: Sheena may be the best session wrestler ever. She is so professional,from commenting to actually competing. Her skill level, off the charts. And she is fast,and freaky strong. She could literally destroy you. I love and respect her so much. ❤️

James A Smith: Sheena is by far one of the most gorgeous well sculptured gorgeous extremely sexy most athletic beauty in the world... Sheena all the way.

Toon link 64: 171lbs of pure, sexy muscle that is amazing. I have videos of you beating and lifting men who are at least 200lbs and you make them your bitch with ease. (Y)ou are truly a goddess ???

JoeBaloney: Unmatched beauty and sex appeal + Unmatched skills + Big, gorgeous muscles with unstoppable strength = Sheena Queen of Session Wrestling! ... It’s simple mathematics ?

?? Femdom Fighting: Someday this Woman will seriously end someone(‘s) li(f)e ?☠️

khu: really i’m scare from Sheena because she is strong I’m dream she is my wife and I’m make her nervous if i not do what she want or I’m not obey she can send me to the hospital or to the grave... in same time i love her very much...♥️♥️♥️

Tom Thomas: About the best beatdown I have seen. 

Universal slave ??: I jus I can’t control myself looking at this pic. Look at @sheena _wrestler you look so big and strong so beautiful ? ? And a man in front of you is like a little bitchy boy toy ? ? You are not even using 20% of your strength and (h)e like already dying. ? ? You are hot ?

JoeBaloney: When it comes to session wrestling, in a year you’ve proven to be the Alpha Female. Seductive blonde beauty, the sexiest feminine physique in the business...The sky’s the limit!...

Michael: Poor guy! slowly worn down then destroyed by @sheena _wrestler! Just the way she likes it!

Jarodgames: Just playing with your prey wow powerful woman ... He could die here his life is in her hands wow what a woman ... Bloke was done with before he started ... 

Graeme: This girl is brutal

rudy hyero: he is totally helpless, she is too skilled, what a woman! ??????

Sissy Justine: I want a strong woman like this to destroy me ?

Keano1: not a belly punching fan but this is awesome lol

hellohotbeef: Knock ‘em dead! ♥️

tommo: Oops! She did it again. The machine that is @sheena _wrestler destroying another male victim, will they ever learn??? #Amazon #power #strength #skill #Stunning ???????♥️ @FightPulse

Marcel Böcherer: ? I would spit blood if that was done to me

michael: @sheena _wrestler is brutal when she’s in a good mood! Don’t make her mad!

bryanwalk330: Could you knock me out 100 times please @sheena _wrestler

James Marzari: WOW!!!!! I can’t wait to see you dominate other ladies during some competitive female wrestling matches and arm wrestling too!!! With your big muscles and your 78 kg, you must be a real beast now!!! ?????? ???

Tony Shor: Man that is a hell of a lot of muscle ??️‍♀️

Frank Roberts: Wow it is amazing, goddess. How big are your biceps? 15”?

yardenguttman: Strong ??

Jason R: I was thinking because of your steel muscles you’d be 500 lbs ?

Vampire: This photo should be shown to Aliens how beautiful women from Earth are! 😉

Leon hill: Muscle yum

Pig Benis: Muscle big ass. It is so amazing

Buggy Papi: Judô Mistress... ???

devfast16: The future of Mixed Wrestling

ricogueux: Wow Le massacre ? respect lady

ebertsghost: ?Nobody does it better! Makes me feel sad for the rest!?

the_dude99: I’m in love. So beautiful and so badass ♥️

Antscha Productions: Hot and powerful @sheena_wrestler demostrates Her sensual side in domination. Her power and wrestling skills are to much for Her male victim. No choice. Just accept Her superiority.

Tone Loco: so beautiful. Athletic, Sexy and sweet. Putting in!!!!

JOHN CARPENTER: python legs!! Washboard stomach!!

thighscissor: I want to get lost tangled up with your thighs

Jarodgame: The image of exhilarating perfection

Wangkia: Is it a man leg? / Sheena Wrestler: Stronger than any man’s leg... it’s mine

Simon Harris: I’ve never seen a woman look so dominant 

MWC: Oh Sheena the female Arnold Schwarzenegger ? ???❤️

ngnsupps: @sheenawrestler  You look stunning. You can kill Men with your beauty or fighting skills now 😉 

01anonymous11: Damn omg... Your name should be Quadzilla ? Wish I would be squeezed between those huge and massive thighs right now ☺️??

marcsanchez2682: Holy shit, those legs are huge?

ebertsghost: Classic Beauty + Phenomenal Physique = A Muscular Fitness Star for the Ages!????? ... You’ve turned fantasy and fiction into reality!????? 

pattrick1395: Damn!! that’s how every woman on this planet should be ??... I will worship those steel hard glutes religiously ☺️☺️??

Mark Bailey: It appears that he didn’t have any chance whatsoever against @sheenawrestler

Tony Shor: I’m scared and aroused, big is sexy AF!!


Alias702212: Sheena is on her way climbing up the session girls Olymp. She became one of the top popular sessiongirls worldwide within one year. She is fast, she is wild, she is strong. She has it all, the look, the attitude, the talent.

Subboy2: 100% sessioning with Sheena when she's next in the UK! She looks absolutely ripped!

boyofwinter: Sheena looks totally different, and by different I mean wow. 

Oldsman71: Holy crap, what a woman.

del: Sheena is mind-blowing -- beauty and the beast all in one!She is looking exceptionally powerful.

Royh: Sheena is in her strongest mode ever. I can think only of a few that are stronger, but these women are much larger. Sheena, having gained 10 Kgs of muscle ... is significantly stronger than the beginning of 2019.Yesterday I had a session with Sheena (my 6th overall with her.) She was able to defeat her peak muscular condition, 75 kgs (165 lbs) of pure muscle on her 165 cm (5’5”). Arm wrestling was ridiculous as one might guess. Sheena’s scissors are in the science fiction realm.

necron: If you had to rank Sheena, Izabella, Tia and Dolly in their respective right arm-strength (armwrestling), I´d say: 1.Sheena 2. Dolly 3. Izabella 4.Tia

Funwrestler: I wrestled Sheena and I wrestled Claire from Fighting Dolls. I enjoyed both and I lost to both. Claire is like a very flexible snake even if she does not have 15% of Sheena's technique. Sheena was just too much in all departments.

Ithasatan: You can see in Sheena's videos as time went by. She was always skilled, but in the beginning she was uncomfortable. This time against Peter she was a perfect bully.

wz240: Poor Peter he has no chance against The Hungarian Amazon Sheena !!! Sheena is a true powerful, muscular and sexy Amazon and above all she seems to have no difficulty subduing poor Peter.

Markuk1: Quite sad to see the great Veve Lane beaten, helpless, bound and humiliated for all to see by Sheena who plants her foot over Veves face just to show her who the boss is. I wonder how she felt as this was happening to her and realised she could not stop it and the aftermath of the defeat?

Deepkick: Wtf!!! Veve finally defeated in bondage wrestling??!!! And I be damn if it’s not the incredible Sheena who did it! I think this is Veve’s first loss in bondage wrestling, and she’s bred challanging dozens of male and females, most of them bigger than her.But Sheena seems like she’s unbeatible right now!???

(In reply to ALC, asking if any session wrestlers can competitively dominate taller, athletic guys like him - 6 foot 6 inches / 1.98 meters ~250 lbs / 113 Kg.)qwertyuio: I would love to see Sheena wipe the floor with a guy your size if you are down for a video. Might just be the best video ever made lol.

renew: Best of 2019 - Wrestler of the year: SHEENA

Maitsek: Best of 2019 - Sheena : An elite athlete who now delights in dominance and power play. Of course she left no hope to fight back, and her offensive transitions are so effective. 

Magiswagg: Best Current Session Wrestler - I'm not being very original here but I think it's Sheena. For a guy like me who's a bit shy and who doesn't like to talk about his fantasies she's really cool to wrestle with; and if you search for competitive action she's arguably one of the bests.

dellinau: Sheena is judo black belt. She can use judo hold to get men in control. Sheena is the best wrestler in the world ever.

Armwrestlefan99: Sheena scores very high for both skill and power!

Zweig: Sheena's creativity on the mats is unmatched. 

From Clips4Sale

Philly Femdom: I was not sure what to expect, but what I very quickly got was a very excited, sadistic, world-class martial-artist making me tap out furiously in dozens of different hold, even easily knocking me out 5 times in the process.  Her skill is honestly insane, I have never in my life wrestled with such an immensely skilled wrestler.  I've wrestled a lot of incredible wrestlers, but Sheena is legitimately someone who can defeat anyone at wrestling due to her top-tier skill with submission holds and the fact that her body can tighten into pure steel. Even a much bigger opponent like myself can get manhandled by her for 45 minutes straight with countless tap outs.

Les Femmes Fatales Productions: Sheena is back!! Bigger, Stronger, Faster and More Skilled than ever! Triangles, Armbars, RNC holds, Shoulder Locks, Head Scissors and many more extremely effective holds are used in this battle! Don't miss this one if you love incredible female fighters vs male fighters in real combat! After an incredible competitive match between Sheena and Alex, the winner, gorgeous Sheena, takes her rightful place sitting her sweaty ass upon Alex's face!!!  Sheena enjoys humiliating her opponent after this extremely tough match! But is this humiliation, or is this heaven!!  You be the judge!!! 

Grappling Gals: Enjoy clips of what many people say is the Best Mixed Wrestler in the WORLD, Sheena! In these clips you can see her do what she does best: Destroy men! She uses scissor holds, chokes and other unique MMA moves to subdue her different opponents. Some guys are bigger but they don't have the skill that she does. Other guys are weaker than her. But whoever it is the guy has no chance against the mighty Sheena!

Grappling Gals: SHEENA!  THE HUNGARIAN AMAZON MANBEATER!  Thomas steps on the mats knowing that Sheena will probably destroy him, just like she does her other male opponents.  Still he’s bigger and thinks he should win.  WRONG!  In typical Sheena fashion she strikes first and keeps up her aggressive attack the whole match.  Thomas never had a chance he was totally overwhelmed by Sheena’s strength, skill and expert submission holds.  Sheena is a world-class Judoka, an accomplished freestyle wrestler, with unbelievable raw strength.  All her talents are on display during this match.  Totally one-sided Sheena used her wide array of holds, front and reverse head scissors, grapevines, belly punches,  HOM, ankle scissors, schoolgirl pins and head locks.  She smothered him with her sexy ass and with her awesome breasts.  She even rolled him across the mats with an ankle scissors.  Sheena has a mean streak, in her first hold – a breast smother – she forced him to tap out 3 times before releasing him, in the first 30 seconds of the match and giggled when she let him go!  Smothering him in a reverse face sit, she grabbed his hair and forced his face deep into her hard ass cheeks. Ignoring his taps of submission, she moved from one devastating hold to another when she was ready to move.  Poor Thomas could only groan and moan in pain as he desperately tapped out over and over again.  Sheena taunted the overwhelmed man as she used her strong, sexy body to thoroughly destroy and humiliate him.  She finished off the beaten, exhausted man with a head lock breast smother that put him out, then posed with one foot on his face in a bicep flex victory pose.  Another flawless victory for Sheena! We were totally in awe at Sheena’s display of complete domination and we loved her mean streak.  A must have video for all Sheena fans.

Skyler Rene Domination: This is a humiliating, emasculating beatdown by a black belt Sheena and a no belt Ed.  Sheena uses every Judo and Jiu Jitsu trick in the book to make him tap over and over, and make him pass out more than once.  And she kicks like a truck!  Sheena's skills are a thing of beauty, as is she.

German Goddess Femdom Fighting: The Hungarian Blackbelt Beauty Sheena is going to demonstrate her physical superiority to another hapless guy. The strongest woman this guy ever met. When he starts worshiping her big biceps he is not thinking about the destructive power he will go to surrender to, he is more wondering about the combination of beauty and power this woman is about. (He) is overpowered easily and destroyed ... by the overwhelming power and skill of the trained fighter, former judo-champion and muscular athlete. She ... utterly outmatches him. He tries his best to defend her attacks but you can literally feel his desperation against the much stronger woman. Nothing helps and so he is forced into one painful submission after the other. It’s funny to see the difference of the bodies. Hers so massive and trained, his so weak and helpless against the female force. She throws him to the ground, scissors and chokes him to submission, one after the other. She lifts him up and throws him down again. She plays with him like a rag-doll ... on the mats. She is stronger, she is skilled, she is simply superior. Her body so much stronger and more muscular. She fights with fury to finally break him. She wants to break him utterly and she is eager to give all into it. Total humiliating overwhelming woman power on the clearly inferior male. It looks like David vs. Goliath, but with Goliath staying superior from the beginning to the end. (S)he gains dangerously stronger and stronger with each fall. She not only forced him to submit, she really got into the domination thing and started riding him as human pony. After utterly beating him up to pulp in the first half time she loses her fun with him. She starts ignoring his pathetic tapping to spice it up and tried to extend his suffering for her sadistic pleasure but when he went over into panic after each and every submission hold she really began complaining about him. "You are too weak" she states to the point, and was near to end the session here. Finally, when she decided to finish him, she got brutal. She pressed him against the wall and crushed him to KO by her foot. Like switching off a light she switched him off. 

The Submission Room: Sheena's well-deserved black belt in Judo, her awesome physical strength and her superb conditioning have combined to create an almost invincible fighting machine. There is only one Sheena, as her fans will testify to.

Brutal Beauties Wrestling: Every time I see Sheena things always seem to just get better. Every beatdown video seems to add something new and painfully fun...This time it was an awesome kick to the face that I asked for. Along with all the punches, knees, scissors, elbows, feet, and whatever else the beautiful Sheena wanted to do. I enjoy these videos with Sheena cause I know I can't beat her.... I just try to survive these videos and push Sheena to go harder each time. This woman is a legit bad ass. If you ever get the chance to be beat by this woman...Don't miss out.

ScissorVixens: (Introducing) one of the hottest new session girls on the scene today...welcome Hungarian BEAUTY Sheena to the ScissorVixens lineup! Anyone who has followed Sheena since first appearing on the scene about a year ago knows that this blonde fitness girl is much more than a pretty face and LETHAL BODY...Sheena has world-class judo (black belt), jiu-jitsu and grappling skills from nearly two decades of training from the time she was a very young! And we were privileged to watch Sheena in REAL competitive action at the 2019 Las Vegas NAGA grappling event just a few days after our shoot with her! Watching her toss opponents around on the mat like rag dolls made us thankful that we didn't piss her off during our shoot!

The Wrestling and Domination Room: As soon as the Hungarian hottie Sheena entered the MWC arena, there was a strong feeling of excitement and anticipation in the air - and we weren’t disappointed! The buff blonde stepped between the ring ropes to face off against the lamb to the slaughter Dave and wasted little time in getting to work and showing off her skills. She wore boxing gloves while Dave, who looked increasingly fearful by the second, went bare but he could have been wearing knuckle dusters and it wouldn’t have helped him. Sheena immediately dazzled him with her incredible speed, strength and skills, often leaving him bamboozled trying to second guess her next move. Dave was rocked with a variety of kicks to the legs, body and even the head and he could do absolutely nothing to stop the onslaught. She is about so much more than kicks too. She trapped him in her tight grip and started unleashing vicious punches to his exposed rib cage - each blow drawing loud groans of pain as they landed. Great MMA style skills but can this girl wrestle? You bet your life she can! Dave was thrown around like a rag doll before he suffered when pinned, trapped in arm bars or having his small head squeezed to the point of bursting between her thighs! All the while the blows with her (fists) and feet rained down on him. Poor Dave could do nothing but try to protect himself as this beautiful fighter took him apart. At the pace she was going, you’d have been forgiven for thinking Sheena would tire after a few minutes but instead she seemed to get stronger and more energetic as the ‘match’ wore on! The combination of wrestling, boxing, MMA and good old fashioned beat down lasted right until the last second! Battered Dave was long beaten before Sheena’s victory pose! What an incredible fighting machine she is!

The Wrestling and Domination Room: It might have been her first appearance at a Monica’s Wrestling Centre party, but there is no doubt that Sheena made a huge impact! Beautiful, skillful and a whole lot of fun (check out her first appearance on this clip!) but one hell of a badass, super strong fighter. But just how good is this latest phenomena to hit the MWC mats? Just how many submissions would she win out of her hapless male victim in a specific period of time?! Well, we decided to put her to the test and challenged her to collect as many tap outs as she could in 10 minutes. Unsurprisingly, Sheena accepted the challenge with glee and got to work within seconds of her brave but rather nervous looking opponent stepped up to face her on our mats. We had barely started filming when she earned her first submission and was the signal for the tap outs to flow like water as she went through her full repertoire of skills! There were arm bars, head scissors, choke holds, kimura locks, cross body pins, body scissors…and that was just within the first minute! Sheena has the sweetest and warmest of smiles but she is a ruthless wrestling machine and there was no way she was going to relax or let up in her pursuit for more submissions. Her talent and strength is obvious and there for all to see but what still takes the breath away is her stamina and thirst for more. She looked as fresh at the end of this as she did at the start. The legendary Ina Black was keeping count but she was struggling to keep up. Sheena kept finding more and more inventive ways to bring home the points! She was clearly having fun while her victim - well he deserves immense credit for at least lasting until the end of the challenge Sexy Sheena is an incredible fighter who has already proved just how tough she can be in the MWC ring! But exactly how strong is she? Well, she certainly looks immensely powerful - especially when she unveils her beautiful curves at the start of this clip! Wearing tights and a ravishing leopard print one piece, her flexing display show off her magnificent muscles in all their glory. Anyone can look the part, however, and Sheena is clearly the sort of woman who would rather show you exactly what she can do! She summons Dave on to the mats and goes straight to work. She hoists him up on to her shoulders with virtually no effort at all and starts to strut across the arena, from one side to the other, as if she was merely carrying a feather rather than an adult male! Sheena doesn’t just walk with ease while carrying him - she spins around, glides across the mats and even seems to be dancing. All while wearing a grin on her gorgeous face! To mix it up, she starts demonstrating the different lifting techniques she has in her locker. Dave is carried like a baby, given a ‘fireman’s lift’, treated to a piggy back while she climbs up and down a flight of stairs and even lifted up and perched on her shoulders. All the while, she appears to glide across the room like a ballerina, loving every second of her performance. There is certainly no weight on this woman’s shoulders. Later, Sheena balances Dave with her feet and leg presses him a number of times. She even bends over and takes his weight flat on her back - with absolutely no strain showing on her face! Her effortless show of strength and power see her rightfully awarded a belt while worshipped by Dave and another man in the vicinity. Phew, this girl is strong!

The Wrestling and Domination Room: Nick isn't the weakest man ever to step on to the MWC mats and is certainly capable of holding his own in combat. But then Nick had never faced someone of the frightening pace, power and fighting skills of the glorious blonde Sheena! He looked slightly nervous as they faced off and any fears he might have had were realised as soon as Sheena caught him in a standing guillotine! She easily wrestled him down and pinned him within seconds and this certainly set the tone for the rest of the contest. This was only a bit of a warm up though as the exquisite warrior took things up a few notches with an eye-watering arm bar followed by a wrist lock which had a moaning Nick tap out in agony. There was no respite for him though as Sheena moved straight back on to the attack as she continued to take him apart. Within a couple of minutes, Nick was wearing the look of someone who had been savagely beaten down for at least two hours - such was her remorseless and brutal demonstration of her abilities. Sheena’s sumptuous thighs clamped around his head and gripped tight like a vice to earn another submission. And the tap outs started to flow like water as Sheena unleashed her full repertoire on her hapless opponent. The air was filled with his submissions (verbal tap outs or actual slap outs on the mat!), moans and groans as well as complaints about his increasingly battered body! She got him in figure four headlocks, guillotines, body and head scissors, brutal camel clutches and cross body pins. All the time, Sheena flashed that beautiful smile across her face - clearly satisfied with a job well done! Mercifully for Nick, the end did arrive. Albeit when Sheena sent him to rest! An awesome destruction job by a fighter at the top of her game!

The Wrestling and Domination Room: When these two last met on the MWC mats, Wimpy Nick was brutally dismantled by the beautiful Eastern European wrecking machine that is Sheena. So we were a little surprised but delighted to see him return, ready to face the blonde warrior in a rematch - this time in the ring! Sheena seems delighted to see him - which isn’t a good sign for Wimpy - and she is certainly up for the ‘challenge’. If Wimpy was seriously expecting to turn the tables this time around, he was painfully mistaken as it took a mere few seconds for Sheena to wrestle him down to the ground and begin her lesson in how to administer pain. An arm bar and head scissors combination has him screaming pitifully and brings about the first submission of the match in quick time. She continues her destruction with some impressive displays of skill and strength - not least when she hoists him up before dropping him to the mats in a pile driver! Wimpy must have been wondering what on earth possessed him to agree to this match, let alone turn up and actually try to fight her! Within a couple of minutes he looked and sounded destroyed and his ordeal continued to get worse and worse as Sheena went through her repertoire with ease and delight. Wimpy screamed and tapped out constantly as she unleashed her wrestling weaponry including scissors, locks, pins and smothers. She is inventive and exciting when she wrestles and this is an absolute treat and an honour to watch. For Wimpy though, it is all rather too excruciatingly painful being thrown around like a rag doll and destroyed in such an expert, remorseless way! His most impressive part was the fact he actually made it to the end somehow. Well, we say ‘made it to the end’ but in the end he is out totally cold with a jubilant Sheena celebrating over him! A total destruction.

The Wrestling and Domination Room: It takes a brave soul to step and challenge the sensation that is Sheena but insulting her just before you tangle is probably considered more stupid than brave. Yet, that is exactly what KO Ken does as he confronts the skilled and strong warrior with a lot of swagger and bravado and he clearly fancies his chances against the “little woman”, as he so charmingly calls her. But if he was somehow unaware of Sheena’s immense talent, skills and power before this contest on the MWC mats, then it didn’t take long for her to remind him exactly what she is all about. KO Ken is easily overpowered and pinned to the mats - much to Sheena’s delight and his own frustration. That quickly turns to pain and the first submission via one of her punishing arm bars. Sheena doesn’t let him off easily though and immediately launches another attack on KO Ken, using her incredible legs to squeeze the life out of him. Judging by the screams and the way he tapped the mats furiously and desperately, we think her scissors may have hurt him just a little. The pattern was set and the big words had disappeared from KO Ken’s mouth and been replaced with cries of pain and anguish as the stunning Eastern European destroyed him via her wrestling masterclass. KO Ken was left whimpering and submitting to an array of moves including reverse head scissors, figure four locks, triangles, a variety of pins, smothers and even an impromptu lift and carry session. He was literally rag-dolled and thrown around the mats at will by Sheena, who was clearly enjoying herself more and more as she dominated him without breaking sweat. This is as one-sided a beatdown as you will ever see by one of the very best beauties in the business!??

The Wrestling and Domination Room: Since bursting on the scene in a blaze of glorious fighting, Sheena has impressed and won fans for a number of reasons. And one of these reasons is the incredible strength and power that this well built, jaw-dropping beauty actually possesses. To highlight exactly how strong she is, Dave is a willing volunteer who meets her in the ring to be lifted and carried around the whole MWC arena. Sheena looks glorious in her zebra-print one piece and its an even more impressive sight when she effortlessly lifts Dave on to her shoulders and starts parading around the ring with him. You wouldn’t think she was carrying anything at all as she walks around casually before mixing things up by starting to exercise and spinning around with his full weight still on her shoulders. There is no change either when he changes position so that he is sitting on her shoulder and given a piggy back to all four corners of the ring! Her demonstration continues in a variety of ways with all of them impressing and demonstrating her immense ability. She carries him like a baby, she executes a fireman’s lift, she presses him using her hands and legs and even dances to the music that is playing with him still on her back! In the middle of the session, she treats us to a rather fabulous warm up routine before getting back to the job in hand and carrying Dave around as if he weighed no more than a feather. If there were any lingering doubts about Sheena’s strength, this will certainly put paid to them. An awe-inspiring display of power from one of the brightest lights in the scene.

The Wrestling and Domination Room: Sensational Sheena has been kicking butt and taking names across the wrestling world since she burst on the scene. The sexy martial artist and powerhouse has used her immense speed, skill and strength to defeat many of the best wrestlers in the business. So why perennial loser Andrew thought it would be a good idea for him to square up to her on the MWC mats is beyond anyone’s comprehension! He even tells a highly amused Sheena that he is “ready” when they are facing off at the start of their fight. But in the blink of an eye Andrew discovered that, while she has a totally cute, gorgeous and friendly smile, Sheena shows no mercy to any opponent in her matches regardless of who they might be! Within seconds, she effortlessly traps him between her powerful legs and his moans and groans in pain are echoing around the arena. Sheena taunts him in her delightful Eastern European accent which makes her seem like a Bond girl villain ready to crush her enemy. Andrew has absolutely no answer to her as she does what she wants, how she wants and whenever she wants with his weak frame with moves including figure four locks, schoolgirl pins, head scissors, grapevine pins, arm bars and even choking him with her calf! She embarrasses him further by constantly letting him free from her holds and allowing him to regroup, before she brings on the pain in different ways! Andrew screams the venue down and constantly seeks salvation in the form of submissions but he’s just delaying the inevitable as she destroys him. The end is no less devastating than the beat down Sheena had handed him as she puts him to sleep and celebrates with a well-deserved victory pose over his battered and broken body.

Antschas wrestling and fetish store: 1 strong big guy who is over 100 kg! He has no chance!He got from trouble into an other trouble:  Headscissors, bodyscissors, sankaku (figure4 or triangle), face-sitting, hand over mouth, breath control. He is totally lost and really afraid! This is not acting! Would you be brave enough to get the same torture? 🙂

Fight Pulse: (A)n absolute, undeniable physical dominance of a female athlete over an average guy who is trying his best to fight back, via forced facesit smothering and brutal foot chokes, all in a competitive setting. (I)f you are a fan of powerful, skilled women controlling and dominating weaker men in real combat, you’re in for a treat, especially if you enjoy facesitting and foot domination. Luke tries his heart out, but to no avail. Sheena owns the mats, as usual, leaving her male opponent without an answer when faced with the combination of her athleticism, power and world-class skillset. Sheena shows how one can facesit and foot choke a very determined person in a real match, round after round, scoring an outstanding number of 16 points within 20 minutes of wrestling, defeating Luke in all the ways one person can defeat another. Luke is visibly shaken in the post-match interviews from the beating he was just delivered and mindlessly suggests that if there were a rematch, maybe he could have a chance to score a point. Sheena laughs at him and replies that he can take any position to start, on top of her, or applying a submission hold, and she would still get him every time. And that’s exactly what happens next. Sheena lays down on the mats on her back and invites Luke to take any position he wants. Luke ... applies a cross-body pin, one of his favorite holds. Needless to say, Sheena embarrasses him quickly afterwards, making him tap rather soon, after which she lifts him onto her shoulder to top off his embarrassment ... competitive, intense, but crushingly one-sided mixed wrestling

The Submission Room: What happens when a black-belt judoka takes on Bert? The result is a foregone conclusion. To be fair, Bert's a pretty good wrestler and, as a trained yogi, he is fit and flexible and he can hold his own against many girls. But Sheena is different. She has trained for years in Judo and has already made a name for herself on the wrestling scene as a destroyer.  One look at her and it's obvious she is strong and she clearly loves to combine her strength with her black-belt skill to overpower, dominate and make Bert to submit time and time again.  Bert tries hard in this 15 minute competitive match and there are a couple of moments where he almost gets her pinned, but Sheena is too strong and just powers her way out, only to turn the tables and apply the next submission hold; and it's Bert who is tapping out. At one point Sheena traps Bert in a powerful headscissors and literally rolls him around the mats. Bert desperately tries to resist but each time she rolls him, the pain increases until he has no choice but to tap - absolutely magical. This has to be one of the most intense mixed wrestling matches ever filmed.

The Submission Room: As you can imagine, it's quite difficult to find someone who will agree to a competitive wrestling match against Judo black-belt Sheena, but Pedro said "yes." Pedro is big and there is no doubt that he's strong.  The guy outweighs Sheena by more than 30 kg and so Sheena needs to be careful. This is not a fight to be messing around and she knows she could have a serious battle on her hands. They initially start from standing and Sheena has to work hard to get the guy down on the mats and even when she gets him down, it's clear that she is going to have to work harder than usual to control the guy. But gradually her black-belt skill and natural fighting instinct takes over and she wears him down, using a mixture of armbars, headscissors and armlocks. As the match progresses, the guy starts to tire, and Sheena just seems to get stronger and stronger. In the end it is (of course), victory to Sheena, but what a great effort from the big guy. If you want to see a black-belt judoka slowly take apart a much larger male then don't miss this match. The awesome Sheena makes it look easy.

The Submission Room: When Sheena is in a bad mood, you had better watch out. In this 15 minute video, Sheena is at the Submission Room studios in London and it seems her black belt has gone missing. She's not happy and enters the mat room to find Chris waiting there. Since there was no-one else around at the time, the only plausible conclusion is that Chris has taken her Black Belt and that's really not on. So she attacks Chris, throws him down on the mats and proceeds to take her revenge. She demonstrates just how skillful she is by running through her impressive repertoire of throws and holds; armbar, grapevine pin, camel clutch, boston crab, Schoolgirl pin, tomoe nage, shoulder throw, head scissors and more. Chris is a tough guy but he wasn't expecting this onslaught by Sheena.  In fact, Sheena forces Chris to tap out time and time again and keeps him pinned down on the mats for pretty much the rest of the match. After a while, she discards the "insulting" white belt and shortly afterwards, she discards her Gi top. But still the punishment doesn't stop. And every time Chris gets to his feet, Sheena puts him right back down on the mats again using one of several judo throws in her repertoire. Sheena's well-deserved black belt in Judo, her awesome physical strength and her superb conditioning have combined to create an almost invincible fighting machine. There is only one Sheena, as her fans will testify to.

German Goddess Femdom Fighting: Full competitive no rules epic MMA Beatdown. Only submission taps stop the beating.  Caught in the cage, no way out, he takes a beatdown by the blackbelt fighting beauty from Budapest. High kicks, sidekicks, roundhouse kicks. Fast. Hard. Hits and kicks fired with fierce force. This woman is a destroyer, a non-stoppable fighting machine. At the final fall he surrenders beaten down, but she gives some extra squeeze after tapping on his last submission, just to make sure, he is utterly destroyed. What a girl!

German Goddess Femdom Fighting: You will become witness of an action filled professional grappling and arcrobatic performance. This young woman is outstanding powerful and skilled on highest level. She is also a fearful man beating destroyer, but a beautiful and lovely one! So don´t mess with her, then she will take you down with fair play, otherwise she will do the same, but playing not so fair...

German Goddess Femdom Fighting: Don´t miss this girl’s performance. She is the strongest and best performer we ever had in front of a camera so far. (S)he was OUTSTANDING acrobatic. She is literally destroying the guy piece by piece. She is dropping some sweat as she is really going on him with all her strength and skill. The guy took a terrific beating with much endurance and courage. We are glad, he was not submitting so fast, so Sheena had the chance to show, what a fearful fighter, manbeater and destroyer she can be. Don’t mess with that girl. When she is on the mats, she is an unstoppable fighting machine and the only reason to stop her is total surrender of her foe, she doesn’t give until he does, and he will, sooner or later. It took 14 minutes...and he was defeated for good. Never stood a chance, but luckily for us, he stood his ground and tried to be as much of a contender as he least he made her sweat...this is more we expected...;) You remember the “Diamonds Are Forever” Bambi scene? You will see Sheena doing it, and compare, who do you think is suffering more? Decide yourself, I found the answer quickly.

German Goddess Femdom Fighting: We’re proud to present Sheena, the Blackbelt Blonde from Budapest. Here is, what Sheena says: I'm a professional Judo player and coach. I have black belt (3 Dan). Several times national champion in Judo, also won some medals in international contests (e.g.World Cup). Furthermore I do Olympic style wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I was naturally born with fantastic physical abilities and developed my conditioning over the years through hard work and enthusiasm. My strength and explosiveness is outstanding although I am quite able to use many techniques in a tactical way, by providing you the perfect training partner! If you are excited and motivated to grapple with the best, then all you have to do is book a session with me in any of the martial arts including Judo, wrestling or grappling. Wow. She is so right. Watch her beating up Sunny in the following competitive wrestling match. She throws him to the ground, scissors and chokes him to submission, one after the other. She lifts him up and throws him down again. She plays with him like a rag-doll rockin’-rolling on the mats. She is stronger, she is skilled, she is simply superior. Very impressive showdown of professional grappling in an action filled powerful clip. Don’t miss this girls`performance. She is the strongest and best performer we ever had in front of a camera....

German Goddess Femdom Fighting: Sheena is going to become bored by her physical superiority to the hapless guy. After utterly beating him up to pulp in the first half time she loses her fun with him. She starts ignoring his pathetic tapping to spice it up and tried to extend his suffering for her sadistic pleasure but when he went over into panic after each and every submission hold she really began complaining about him. "You are too weak" she states to the point, and was near to end the session here. So we decided to give her a better challenge and mixed it up with a second guy, who was initially attending the show as spectator. We thought, a one vs two match would be a worthy challenge for that woman warrior. She gladly accepted the change and we were right, from that point her smile came back. Her fun with the session raised to maximum excitement from move to move. She wiped the floor with both of them easily. She made them tap simultaneously. She was having so much fun, she was so creative in applying double submission holds for the very first time. She was thrilled by her power and she was sweating and smiling again. She made the show and we saved her mood for a great video! Sheena is giving her best. Her heavy sweating and the loud moaning of her foes at her feet in the final ultra hot victory posing sequence is the true result of having a competitive defeat of two guys more than twice of her own weight at the same time! This is a *hot* video performance. 

German Goddess Femdom Fighting: Another piece of evidence. Watch this clip and become witness of true female physical supremacy. Sheena is not just superior by skill but also by physical fitness and athleticism. She kicks like a kick-boxer, a Karateka, although she never had kickboxing classes before. She is simply a natural talented fighting machine. The more she feels her power, the more she gets herself excited from it. She increases the action and gives herself a great work-out along an acrobatic video performance of excellence! Although this guy is nearly about 90 KG (198 lb) in weight, Sheena looks so powerful in her athletic performance, that you feel this heavy guy just being a fragile twig in the claws of a wild tigress. Sheena rocks the mats. Lifting, Throwing, Scissoring. She is so strong and so skilled, she plays cat and mouse with him. literally destroying the guy piece by piece. She is dropping some sweat as she is really going on him with all her strength and skill. The guy took a terrific beating with much endurance and courage. We are glad, he was not submitting so fast, so Sheena had the chance to show what a fearful fighter, manbeater and destroyer she can be. 

Utopia’s Sexy Mixed Wrestling: Sheena vs. Nick begins with Sheena dragging Nick to the mat under protest.... What follows is a 14 minute annihilation, as Sheena decides to simply show off by humiliating Nick and placing him in as many holds as possible in the time allotted. We counted 37 pro and amateur wrestling moves, holds, and scissors. Nick will literally never be the same, if he ever decides to work for us again. Sheena senses Nick's afraid of her. After all who hasn't heard of her take no prisoners attitude? So she figures she'll just get it out of the way at the jump, and make Nick's scissor nightmare a reality and locks the reverse figure 4 on him within the first 17 seconds! When Sheena lets him free, she drags him to the middle of the mat and bam, it's the straight leg reverse head scissor! We're 43 seconds in and he's had enough. But that doesn't stop Sheena, for the rest of the 14 minutes she literally turns Nick upside down and inside out. Enjoy!

Utopia’s Sexy Mixed Wrestling:  Spectacular Hungarian wrestler, grappler, and judoka, Sheena shows off her unbelievable skills. There's something for every fighting taste in this one, Scissors, Pins, Grappling, Judo, HOM Smothering, and even some Pro-style wrestling holds. Of note are a few awesome, full power, Knee Drops, Camel Clutch and Boston Crab! Sheena may look beautiful, but she is tough as nails, and has a thick muscular physique. In the beginning Lance tells her "she's cute and all," but she doesn't stand a chance because he outweighs her by 80 pounds. Sheena tells him she's going to tire him out and then turn her "techniques" loose and that's exactly what she does. It's not every day that you get to see a gorgeous woman such as Sheena literally muscle a strong dude like Lance around, and that's exactly why we love this video so much. Sheena captures Lance in so many holds, it's hard to keep track. We counted at least 15 tap-outs, pins and other submissions ... but you can tell us how many you count. Several times she smothers him with her hand over his mouth (HOM) or her body while ensnaring him in some other hold. Lance can hardly catch his breath as Sheena seems fresh as a daisy. Near the end when she has Lance totally spent, she puts the legs to him with a classic head scissor/HOM smother combination and then her infamous reverse scissor hold to completely polish him off. At the very end Sheena is of course standing over yet another victim flexing her awesome muscles! Her overall dominating performance is the reason we named this video ... "Mixed Wrestling: The Way It Was Meant To Be!" 

Utopia’s Sexy Mixed Wrestling: After getting completely demolished by beautiful Hungarian wrestling and grappling superstar Sheena, Lance tells Kip Sheena got "lucky" and begs Kip to give him another shot. Kip immediately tells Sheena Lance's claim and Sheena promptly replies "I will punish him!" Lance hears this and attacks her from behind as Kip is interviewing her. This just infuriates Sheena, so she decides to make him her scissor victim! At one point while she has Lance in a front scissor, she tells him "I want to break your neck!" Sheena's powerful legs are so strong and her technique so perfect, I believe she could! Sheena makes good on her promise to punish Lance throughout, completely exhausting the big guy again and making him endure many scissors, smothers and even another cradle pin. Enjoy gorgeous Sheena, squeezing Lance in "I Will Punish Him!"

Brutales Vixens: WOW!! At 5'5 and 140 lbs of solid hard rock muscles, Sheena is Barbie with Muscles and ... a black belt in judo !! She is only 27 but already has 20 years of experience on the mats, Judo, Olympic Wrestling and BJJ.She is not only strong and experienced wrestler but also gorgeous, adorable face, totally genuine, full of energy and fun with a zest of sadism toward her opponents. In this video her " Toy " has his hands tied up and his back and cannot fight back nor escape, totally at the mercy of the young Hungarian Goddess !! Fest of front and reverse head sitting, hand smother, sleeper holds and headlocks, ankle holds , smother, boob smother, triangle figure 4 and HOT, HOT front and reverse Facesittings!! Sheena applies each hold sensuously but firmly, sadistically looking at his face turning all shades of purple !! Cropped top and thong attire !! Must see !

Brutales Vixens: In the first part of the video Sheena demonstrates her skills, applying various holds on the practice dummy. Head scissors, armbars, Rncs, grapevines, triangle figure 4, guillotine, wrists and shoulders locks, you name it !! In the second part of the video Steve asks " What if I fight back now ?" Well it is just getting worse for him as he is caught in a new spiral of devastating and brutal holds including flips and throws, brutal ankle holds, headlocks, armbars, headlocks, neck cranks  and more ! Sheena could not finish the encounter without a touch of humiliation, pinning down the victim on the mats and sitting on his face for the last 2 minutes !! BIKINI attire.

Brutales Vixens: No need to introduce Sheena anymore !! The young, rising star, gorgeous Hungarian athlete has already nothing to prove ! A pretty face, an outgoing personality, a gorgeous 150 lbs hard rock solid body , 20 years experience in judo ( Black Belt )!! Males and females fear to meet her on the mats, now imagine meeting her, on the mats but with your hands tied up in your back ?! Brainless Steve accepted the challenge and what your are going to witness is pure " Slow Motion" destruction of a helpless male ! Will Sheena be more empathetic or apply less pressure because her victim can't escape or defend himself ? The answer is ... NO Action includes full weight front and reverse face sitting, ass smother, guillotine headlock, breast smothering, sleeper holds and Rncs, throat hand crushing, head figure 4 and head figure 4 hand smother, head scissor, sided head figure 4, hand over mouth smother, reverse head scissor and reverse head figure 4, throat sitting, muscle flexing and brutal ankle holds !! Enjoy !!

Brutales Vixens: Gorgeous Judo black belt Sheena is back in the last of our series " Hell Between ... Iron Arms " and what a blast !! Despite a recent debut in our world Sheena has nothing to prove anymore but since our last shoot a few months ago she really bulked up meaning she is more dangerous and more gorgeous than ever !! If you have been following this series, forget what you have seen until now, THIS IS  the video to get !! Everything starts innocently which what is supposed to be a cool demo of Sheena's knowledge of Rncs, headlocks and sleeper holds but extraverted Sheena quickly gets excited  and starts abusing her helpless dummy pretty badly!! Rncs, headlocks, sleepers, guillotines, hom ... you name it ! Extraverted, funny, playful but also deceptively strong and MERCILESS Muscle Barbie brings handcuffed Steve for a journey to hell between her arms ! His only chance to recover between holds is when she flexes her iron biceps in front of the camera, bragging and showing off before returning to her nasty task, bringing Steve  snoring on the carpet  not less than 4 times !!! 

Amazons & Strong Girls: You may not be sure to recognize the girl on the picture but yes, that's Sheena !! The Hungarian beauty has really bulked up ( and got new boobs :)) since our last shoot just a few months ago. Holder of a Judo black belt, now strong as a lion, she has become a tough and feared opponent, for males or females ! Add to that a pretty face and a bubbly personality, she is the " babe" we are all dreaming of !! Resistance is futile and Steve knows it, so expect action based on pure muscle domination, pain and humiliation for the victim, with a fest of brutal holds including: head scissors front and reverse, head figure 4 front and reverse, face sitting, camel clutch, headlocks, sleepers and Rncs, pin, armbar, body scissor, grapevine and boob smother !! Enjoy!

Scissor Foxes: Sheena is sexy as hell in her camo outfit with latex booty shorts. She looks like a total BADASS ready to kick some ass and that's exactly what she does! She pushes Jay's limits with her man crushing thighs. She even forgets that he's tied up and can't tap. She giggles then knocks him out in a reverse headscissor immediately after! After making sure he's ok from the knockout, she locks him in a front headscissor which has him scared for his life! Sheena just keeps pouring on the pressure while her little tied up friend is jolting around, trying to breathe. Those thighs of steel have become his worst nightmare. Now she puts him in a side reverse and squeezes as hard as she can for a count to 10. He's out like a light before they reach the end. Sheena gives him a few slaps to the face and a little shake until he wakes up and then it's back to business. If you like lots of panic, real KOs and a really sexy athlete crushing without mercy, this is the video for you! Sheenacertainly outdoes herself once again!

The Real Wrestling Store: Since she burst on the session wrestling scene, gorgeous Axel has made one hell of a splash and continues to improve and delight at an incredibly fast rate. But going up against the super strong and skilful Sheena on the MWC mats is probably the biggest challenge she has had to face in her so far short career in the business! Not that Axel is scared of a challenge, of course. In fact, it’s Axel who leads the trash talk! Dismissing Sheena and her muscles and showing the confidence of a girl who knows she can fight! But hell hath no fury like a toned woman who is told her muscles are not impressive and Sheena attacks and decides to teach the small, young upstart all about the power and the fury her strong body can unleash. Axel bravely keeps up the chat but that soon turns to cries of agony as Sheenaapplies a nasty choke hold and sets her legs to start crushing Axel’s body. Sheena gets more and more annoyed at Axel’s insults and is spurred on to punish Axel and does so with a variety of skilful and relentless moves. Axel finds her head being crushed in Sheena’s scissors, struggles to breathe when Sheena face sits and breast smothers her and feels the pressure rushing to her head when Sheena hoists her up like a rag doll. Sheena seems to use every part of her own body to inflict serious damage to Axel’s prone body and the cries and screams of pain get louder and louder, reverberating around the venue. On the ultra-rare occasions Axel tries to attack, Sheena swats her away like a fly and mocks her mercilessly. By the end, Axel is totally destroyed and out while Sheena certainly enjoys her victory pose!

Lights Out Scissors: Being in the USA, I don't get to meet the amazing European ladies unless they travel over here. Sheena made a trip over and I couldn't pass up the chance to see what all the hype was about. Everybody always talking about her and how skilled she I had to find out for you. Sheena is by far one the most skilled and strongest women around with scissors that have you tapping when she wants. I tried to be resistant asshole but it really wasn't easy trying to not tap when she laid into the squeeze. Everything you hear about Sheena is true and I got one hell of a lesson in the seriousness of the European ass kickers. As you'll see Sheenahad no issues making me into her warm up toy and showing the wise ass American who's the boss. Book her for a session while she's here cause she's a sight to behold and will give you an ass kicking like you ask for. It will hurt but you'll feel safe while she's inflicting her will upon you. ABSOLUTELY one of the best and glad she became a Brutal Beauty.

MixedWrestlingZone Clips: It's true! Sheena, a renowned Judo athlete of the highest caliber, rocked the world when she started doing sessions in late 2017. Her male opponent told us after the match that he has done videos with many other session wrestlers in Hungary but nobody came close to  Sheena‘s skills! It's not a matter of competition, she is completely out of his league! And that applies to most men, even men who are bigger than her! Training in Judo since she was about 5 years old, taking part in countless competitions and winning very prestigious medals in Hungarian and European competitions in Judo as well as in grappling and freestyle wrestling, Sheena is the epitome of the modern Amazon. Strong, fit and skilled! A match for any man! Do not miss this video if you want to see a real athlete destroy a guy completely and in the most definitive way possible.

FemaleWrestlingZone Clips: Sheena ... an accomplished judoka, a 3rd degree black belt who grew up in the dojo and holds several prestigious medals in Judo ... needs no introduction. Everybody is by now familiar with her skills and athleticism, the major impact she had on session wrestling and the standards she brought to it. We are very proud to present to you another competitive match with her taking on veteran sessionist and dominatrix Kimbra! She's tall and fit, she has great experience and she wrestles men in sessions for years now as well as having an overall dominating and very strong personality that she brings in her sessions, but she's no match for Sheena! The judo champion demolishes and punishes Kimbra as only she knows how to do and despite Kimbra's best efforts she's the undisputed winner of this hard-fought match! She's a dominated dominatrix!


HAIFBYDU60: Beautiful Double Biceps Flex from Sheena! ... Very Impressive Body on this Beauty!

teebone: WOW!! I would love to be scissored and ko'd in her legs. SOOO AWESOME!!

zzzzman: Scissor me between those glorious thighs till I’m asleep and limp! Well not really limp!

superbadmutha: Most delightful thing I've seen in weeks, well done.

ChrisBlizzard: This girl beats the hell out of every man she gets her hands on.... (M)ost of the wrestling she does is competitive.

benjwri: Wouldn't mind going a few rounds...

Scythian: Thick and strong! I’m ready to rumble! Great wrestling outfit! Let’s go!

expedient923: I will GLADLY kamikaze on that.

deepkick: The unbeateble Sheena !!!

armfanatic: double head biceps!!! wonderful biceps

our gang: I…,I,,,…I…,,UH…I, UH…I…OH….UH…,,,I…,,UH..DA..UH….,,DAMN! ??? Damn!!! ???

Paradox: Simply bodacious body !!!

sodnach: Oh God YES!!

i_love_katheryn: strong, tall, and very fit

lpc888: Nice Flex !!!!!

aleesha911: Wow ? sexy!

gunsmithcat: sexy supergirl

NinjaMan85: Oh God. She's flexing in a car, and with that muscle control... Who is this goddess??? Oh hell yeah! Oh yes. Yes...this will do.

theicemancameth: BRING HER TO ME

From Doom Maidens Wrestling

Sheena of Hungary and Frankie clash for a spontaneous competitive mixed wrestling match! Sheena is a champion in judo and freestyle wrestling, and a life-long competitive athlete. Frankie is a strong guy with nice muscles, but he doesn't train at all in wrestling or any martial art. He and Sheena match up well for size: Sheena at 5'5" and 143 lbs (165 cm and 65 kg) and Frankie at 5'4" and 150 lbs (163 cm and 68 kg). They eagerly jump in together for a dynamic and exciting mixed submission wrestling match!Sheena comes at Frankie hard, and she keeps the power-pressure on throughout the match. She attacks Frankie with arm locks, head scissors, tight grips, and all sorts of pinning pressure. Frankie gives it his all, struggling to survive and get his bearings. But Sheena is a powerhouse who just keeps coming! She's fierce, expressive, and a dominant physical force in this match up.

From Fight Pulse

The Hungarian powerhouse Sheena, who took the session scene by storm in 2018, debuts ... with a fantastic fast-paced competitive mixed wrestling match, in which she shows what the hype is all about! This is an intense, technical match, but ultimately one-sided, as Sheena runs through her male opponent Frank, achieving a decisive victory. Frank never stops trying, but Sheena is simply too technical and strong for him. Sheena’s transition to pins & submissions style is absolutely seamless, as she wrestles as though she has been wrestling under this ruleset all her life. Beautiful scissor submissions, pins, ankle chokes, and even a lotus lock submission – a rare hold to successfully apply in a competitive fight – Sheena delivers an outstanding performance against a seasoned guy, establishing who the better fighter is, often without relying on her ridiculous raw power, capping her clear dominance with a foot on face victory pose. Lucrecia and Scarlett are watching and reacting to this fight, immersed in the action. Sheena ... is nothing short of spectacular ... (i)f you love real mixed wrestling where the female decisively betters the male who tries his best to fight back.

The Hungarian Amazon Sheena is back! This is without a doubt one of the best MX titles we have ever filmed. A competitive male vs female onslaught is a special kind of match. We have only filmed 6 so far. It almost always features complete, prolonged, painful, physical and often mental domination by a strong, athletic female over a weaker male in a real, unscripted, competitive setting. MX-181 depicts exactly that. Before the match even begins, behind the stage, seeing Sheena’s physique, Peter tells her that he is a bit scared of the upcoming match. Sheena replies to him that he should be. MX-181 starts with a take-down, followed by a vicious, long reverse figure-4 headscissors, in which Sheena makes her opponent tap frantically. And this is only the first minute of the onslaught. It’s downhill for Peter from there. He is an agile, often aggressive wrestler. But he isn’t close to the level of Sheena when it comes to unarmed combat. Sheena has her way with him from start to finish, reducing the aggressive guy to a whimpering mess by the end of the onslaught. This video is full of brutal scissorholds that bring agony, followed by loud, unquestionable surrender, smotherholds, foot domination, joint locks, various pindowns. Also watch out for Sheena’s signature ankle choke with a fascinating, tightening spin, and other ingenious holds by the Amazon, including a fingerlock submission, wristlock, leglock, leg stretch submission, and more. MX-181 is one of the best onslaughts we have ever witnessed, and we can’t be excited enough to bring it to you!

In her last competitive mixed wrestling match filmed during her visit to Fight Pulse, this year’s wrestling sensation, Sheena squares off against our resident male wrestler, Viktor. The Hungarian powerhouse puts on a masterclass in wrestling against her young, strong opponent, using slick takedowns, spectacular sweeps, and great variety of pins and submissions. Viktor tries to use his strength to stop Sheenafrom advancing position and pinning or submitting him, but he seems like fish out of water against Sheena, as the latter shows complete dominance on the mats over her male opponent, outpacing, outwrestling, and sometimes even overpowering him. Sheena uses creative pins, scissorsholds, triangle chokes, and a fantastic lotus lock, a rare occurrence in real combat, to assert her undeniable physical superiority over Viktor on the mats. MX-140 is an absolute must-see for fans of real, intense, yet one-sided mixed matches!

MX-138 is a spectacular, fast-paced, competitive, mixed wrestling match for all fans of true, aggressive, intergender combat! Marek ... is possibly the best wrestler among Fight Pulse males, bigger, stronger, more aggressive.... However, he is facing a world-class athlete in our female guest from Hungary, possibly the quickest superstar of the underground wrestling scene in history, Sheena. He has to do his absolute best to succeed. And he does. Turns out, his absolute best isn’t enough to beat the Hungarian powerhouse. It’s not even close. This match showcases more than any other, how beastly Sheena can be on the mats when required. This video is an absolute must-see for all fans of real, rough mixed wrestling, where the female overpowers and outwrestles a strong, aggressive, slightly bigger male. Marek has formidable forearm and grip strength from years of mountain climbing, but even he can’t match Sheena’s incredible, functional strength, as you will see throughout the video. Sheena puts on a display of athleticism and technique ... immobilizing, controlling and subduing the aggressive, determined male round after round ... showing ... what a trained female is capable of on the mats. MX-138 is an absolutely fantastic mixed match that all fans of true, competitive, mixed wrestling, with a decisive victory by the female, should see!


Sheena, magnificent new fighter on the scene, the European Judo Champion, paid a visit to our studio during a hot summer day. In this particular match, the focus is all on her judo skills!

This is clean, sporty, Judo-rules match, to see who is the better judoka between 'em, but scored by our traditional points for each submission. It is not a domination style where the male just lies there.

Sheena is internationally acclaimed judo black belt, and has been training Judo since she could barely walk. Her opponent is Gernot, experienced session wrestler and aspiring Judo practitioner, who just recently got promoted to Judo yellow belt in real life. With their similar weights, this could seem to be quite a mismatch for him as far as his (compared to hers) limited Judo skills go. 

Sheena proceeds to dispatch her opponent in a coordinated fashion, using her superior expertise to put her male foe on the defensive throughout most of the match. There are points scored on both sides, however, as Gernot tries to beat the odds and score some for us males, aka the weaker sex:)

The end result is still the decisive victory for the sexy and powerful beast, the black belt amazon Sheena. Witness how she takes a fairly well trained guy apart, with wide array of throws and ground finishing holds. She expertly wraps her limbs around him time and times again, forcing him to suffer in locks and chokes to gain one submission after another. Judo fans and/or Sheena fans should not miss this match!

*After comparing their mutual Judo skills in our recent Judo release, magnificent Sheena and stubborn Gernot face each other on the mats under wrestling/grappling rules.

Despite his middle age, Gernot is strong and fit, and skilled on the mats.... Still, it's Gernot who gets a slow start into the first round, as if unsure of himself against such a hard opponent.

Once the fight gets properly under way, though, it becomes apparent Sheena still proves too much for Gernot, who despite his attempts to cause her some trouble ends up on his back most of the time, forced to surrender to the stronger, more skilled sex.

His stamina also cannot match that of Sheena's, so he tries to pick his battles, and goes for counter attacks whenever he feels he might have a chance for some submissions. He does get Sheena into a few positions which could be a concern for some less skilled wrestler, but Sheena just switches to a higher gear whenever that happens, and works extra hard to put her foe back on his back (or between her legs), where he belongs!

Sheena deploys crushing headscissors, triangles and figure fours, as well as joint locks and even some less usual holds, to force her way towards the victory. After final round, she exhales deeply, and while they're both still breathing hard from the fight, she gets up, walks towards her beaten opponent, and confidently places her foot on his chest, as she performs long, well-deserved victory pose, flexing her hard bulging biceps. 

From Forum Saradas


Sheena 10/10: BEST WRESTLER EVER | (brings her own mats for full wrestling experience) very muscular, yet very feminine, beautifully sculpted body that has you in absolute awe - extremely experienced, powerful, technical, and fast as shit - literally dominated me when I tried my hardest to wrestle back - no chance whatsoever - manhandled me ... and lifted me in various ways throughout the session including a powerbomb which was just effortless - if I had a weapon, she could still kill me with ease - great facesitting, constant feet smothering/worship, unmatched scissoring where I was fully under every inch of her control (on my knees with my head securely between her thighs, she shook her hips side to side and had my body flying in whichever direction she was moving), incredible lift carry skills, and just fucking sexy as all hell - if she wasn't booked up, I would have definitely paid for an extra half -- full hour

Jonasmand999:  I have had sessions with Sheena (big defeat, sheer humiliation.) (Translated from Danish.)

Wismer85: Sheena - I find her magnificent. (Translated from French.)

squeezemebaby: Oh, she is awesome! Beautiful, so beautiful. Fun, so much fun. Strong, oh those scissors! I'm not into competitive, but prefer to experience the power of a beautiful strong woman and Sheena has it all! She gets booked full fast: first time clients surely will be returning clients!'m still on a high from spending time with her. She is a true treasure and super star in our session scene. If you're into nipple torture, you'll be treated to something special. I never had a special feeling with it, but now I am suddenly into it, lol. She is just that perfect Goddess who has it all. Go and book her fast!

ramblerbc: Hi guys well I got to meet her and was not disappointed. I was able to win arm wrestling , mercy and a few strength games. Then we did very light playful sparring. Then went for the wrestling where I was creamed. I only did about 3 or 4 competitive rounds becuase my cardio was no where near her to keep up. Says maybe she will be back in the summer, was a good wake up call to get back into shape. Hopefully have a  better match next time

jazzer: If she were able to go back in time Elvis would have wanted her as his girl friend.

Alina-fan: She's very skilled and crazy strong for a girl her size. Definitely one of best session wrestlers around. Sheena is probably the toughest. She's probably the strongest among the girls I wrestled competitively and she likes to show off her strength.

renew: I'm into fighting, I can tell you my sessions with her are perfect. most of the time a part Judo-style, she is good in throws and ground work. and second part no-gi with her fantastic headlocks, where you feel her biceps (my kind of muscle worship ...) I know she does L&C and I know she is strong (and has technique from Judo and olympic style wrestling) (Y)ou have to tell her and she can be very dominating and a bit sadistic. And she definitly likes to show she is stronger 🙂
Look at Sheena and you know what I'm looking for
-) beautiful face
-) strong and skilled in wrestling/fighting
-) muscular but still feminine body
so glad I found her 🙂

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