The Savagery of Sheena.

Here you go, guys. A blast of pulp fiction to celebrate my awesome new body shape.  

“Thick with muscle and power as well as feminine curves, the jungle goddess looked unlike any woman he’d ever seen before. As she squeezed down with her fists, pain shot through John’s forearms, his wrists, his shoulders. His suffering grew tenfold as she crushed his trapped head with her mighty legs. Her powerful calves and thighs squeezed like twin pythons. She laughed, bucked her hips and suddenly, he couldn’t breathe. Despite all his efforts, pride, and power, he felt himself completely immobilized in the mighty woman’s iron grasp. His mind began breaking down, the relentless crush surpassing anything he had imagined in even his wildest and most repressed fantasies. Electric agony coursed though him and he moaned.”  Haha, did I say this was fiction? It’s pretty damn realistic! Want to play?

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2 Responses

  1. Amazing story line you wrote! You are so talented and creative. Thanks for sharing with all your adoring fans. Cannot wait to see and feel all that new power and muscle on your next visit to the USA!
    • I will begin my 4th US tour following the Arnold fitness spectacular in March. If you want to see me bigger, stronger and more full of athletic fitness model sex appeal than ever before, this is the perfect time. Seriously guys, I am looking scary. Keep an eye on this site and my other social media for a daily itinerary of my US schedule in the coming weeks.

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