Pleased to Beat You

Why do I enjoy sessions?
Well, the pleasure of friendly relationships with new acquaintances, of course.
I am a people person.
I love to greet a client with open arms.
Wrapping his neck in a choke hold, grinding my kneecap against spine, and giving him a sharp bend backwards - what a glorious feeling.
The warm embrace of snaking both of my powerful arms underneath his armpits, and interlocking my hands behind his head in a tight full nelson.
The high-spirited jolts of pain, the squeals of distress, the sensation of his body going slack in my thighs as I strangle him completely unconscious.
The sweet sense of being a living weapon as a straight punch to the gut makes him recoil and gasp for air.
I love sharing with them. Showing them strong, hard-flexing female muscles like they’ve always wanted, but ain’t never gonna get!
I love the fun of beating someone bigger than me, so easily.
Exactly the same things that my victims enjoy about sessions with me.
That’s why they keep coming back time after time.
It’s a rush. It’s addictive.
Like I said, I’m a people person.
- Sheena

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  1. Bonjour sheena, Je suis fortement intéressé par une session avec vous. En revanche, juste un ou deux bras de fer et me dire comment votre corps musclé peux m'écraser.. Votre prix sera le miens Cordialement,

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