Sheena’s Clip Store Videos

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  1. Panos
    Best wrestler all time
    • Mike
      Loved the karate promo Sheena is awesome hope to have a session like that soon
    Hi Sheena - I love you and you are an inspiration to me - you are so skilled and sensitive!!!
  3. Diego
    It was my 9th Session with a strong lady and Sheena was from this 9 the most strongest one.She told me to the begin that she will give 20% but i wanted that she will do 300% to bring me cry, begging me and to knockout me.She was laughing „Are you really sure??I‘m unstoppable you can‘t beat me i would Crush your throat so you can't breathe properly, I can beat you up so hospitals can't help you good.But i wanted it so strong.So i got it.She kicked me more times in my balls and had so much fun.She took her insane broad, massive arms, wrapped them around my neck, stamped me as hard as she could with her beautiful foot in the balls and squeezed my neck with 100%. I got tears in my eyes but it was so beautiful. She said to me "So? Do you like it" with a smile in her face and I said with a crippled voice "Yes, so much! I love it. Then she let go but before I rested for only 1 second, she pulled me up and I got the fists of my life. In the eye, left right chin hook. I was on the floor. She brought me outside the ring, held my head against the ring mat and pressed Her knee against my back and said I should just tap if it gets too much. Then she took her huge legs, wrapped my neck and squeezed as hard as she could while on the phone on Amazon. As soon as I tried somehow, she squeezed again as hard as she could. Until I said I give up, you're just 7level too high. She kept pressing as hard as she could until I said I do whatever she wants and for as long as she wants. The session was scheduled for 6/30 hours and that was it The fourth of pure domination. I had to massage her feet and shoulders until I had to kiss every 10 feet and finally smell the lower feet, then I had to let my back be used as a chair it was so f*cking s*xy
  4. Dirk Koch
    I want hard sessions with you and many time armwrestling

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