Please read it thoroughly.

Welcome to my world of joyful pain.

Allow me to explain the basics and prepare you for the experience of your lifetime. A session of physical dominance by the strongest, prettiest, most skilled wrestler working today.

The first thing to understand is, prepare to lose. Nobody beats me. Nobody. I don’t have opponents, I have victims.

I have had soldiers and policemen request beatdowns to test their fitness, stamina and courage. I reduced them to pleading in abject fear that makes me wonder how these “heroes” protect their countries!

I am not bragging, not lying, just alerting you to the facts. I am beyond powerful, with skills learned in over 20 years of intense martial arts training. Whether in a professional Judo training class or a fantasy session, I enjoy soundly defeating my male adversaries, then at the end celebrating that victory with them. Rubbing their faces in their defeat as we laugh, honestly. 

While I win physical contests easily, I still appreciate a challenge. My favourite interest presently is to create the ideal session for you. I can be fierce or as cheerful as you wish. I am both a man-slapping Amazon bitch and a good-hearted human being.

This will be a pleasure for both of us, because whatever level of combat or fantasy we explore, we treat each other respectfully. We will part as friends and look forward to reconnecting soon. 

Whether you want a hard and sweaty battle, a friendly roughhouse tussle or a special fantasy session, I take pride in providing you an unforgettable experience.

I love treating sessions as a game. And you get to write most of the rules. (Not all the rules. I like to have fun, too.) When you book time with me, you are free to explore your interests and imagination while you are completely in my control. So choose the style and tone that you prefer. 

If you wish, we can be entirely playful, rolling together on the mats like friendly puppies having chase, grab and shake games. You will find that being trapped and toyed with is quite exhilarating. We can trade being top dog and bottom-of-the-heap. If you want to hold me in grips that have me helplessly gasping at your manly power, I will pretend to be submissive —for a little while—because make-believe is good fun. And there is great power in being feminine, sweet and gentle. 

If you seek a somewhat rougher approach, I can overpower and torment you, without hurting you afterward. You may resist a bit, or none at all. The choice is yours. Always, I will respect your boundaries of good touch and bad touch, and you must be considerate of mine.

Next we have classic arm wrestling. I think I do not have to say much except that you will lose ?

Then the intensity escalates in semi-competitive sessions. Here we have a limited but real clash, struggling for dominance, you remaining passive as I attack. I will use just 30 percent of my strength, which is all that most men can endure before starting to become very, very humbled. As the aggressor I expect real resistance, so good luck with that ha ha.

We are less inhibited as we move into genuine physical competition. Here we both fight full throttle and there are no more compromises. Of course I expect from you full fairness, the same you will experience every second from my side. But I will not give you anything here anymore. I will max out your limits and work nonstop to defeat you. We will fight safe but stronger and harder, with more harsh pinning (by me, naturally) and tap-outs (by you, of course). You will lose and learn a lesson you will never forget: anyone arrogant enough to challenge me ends in submission or tears. Or both. 

Here I deserve your faith and confidence. With years of winning international tournaments in Judo and classical wrestling, I am expert at many forms of grappling. I know how to provide powerful competitive matches that are danger free. Even if you are over 6 feet tall (1.8 meters) and above 300 pounds (136 kg), I can take you down repeatedly while keeping our session low-risk.

Next we enter dominant grappling as I force you beg, “Please ... no more ... I surrender ... you’ve won.” 

Do you dare? If you are that brave, you have come my no. 1 favourite, beatdowns. The rule is “Tap out or pass out.” If you want to experience my legendary head scissors, joint locks and KOs, get ready, because here they come! You will leave with no harm to your body, but a crippled ego, your hopes of breaking free crushed between my bear-trap thighs. The end result: You will be limp, sobbing, beaten and put to shame. I am going to enjoy every second of it, and so are you!

There is not much you can request that I can’t provide at the highest level. I intend to do just what you want ... even if you don’t realize it yet. 

If you are a real gentleman you may be allowed some adoring worship of my physique, every contour pure power. If trash talk excites you, I will verbally humiliate you in ways you never forget. If you love a favourite super heroine, I can meet you in her uniform (I have a large costume collection, and play many roles free of charge). Perhaps you wish to be James Bond, fighting a beautiful assassin? If you enjoy bondage, prepare to be hog-tied quickly, with hands and feet lashed together behind your back, your body bent like an archer’s bow. 

Always, it’s up to you to define your expectations. Arm wrestling, lift and carry, foot admiration, safe whipping, breath control, bullying, squeezing a big watermelon until it pops like a water balloon between my thighs - I’m not afraid of anything. Pretty much everything goes (but gross kinks are a turn off, so be respectful.)

The only deal killer is asking me for sexual favors. Want to see what a third level Judo black belt international champion will do when you act like an asshole? No, you don’t. You seriously don’t. 

Now it is time to discuss the manners I expect from you.

  • Please do not negotiate with me about my prices. Session wrestling prices have been similar for a long, long time and are barely rising. Be a gentleman and pay me, without asking, before the start of our session. This shows that you have good manners and I will show myself accordingly appreciative.
  • Please dress properly for the session. You may keep your socks and your top on or off, but PLEASE, NO UNDERWEAR; NO MATTER WHAT KIND. Shorts, long pants, sweatpants, bathing suits, it does not matter. But please no boxer shorts or even grandpa’s cotton panties.
  • A session is always sweaty and therefore hygiene is important. Feel free to take a quick shower afterward, but please, bring your own shower gel and  towel.

Now you know what we can enjoy together. My sessions are safe, sane and respectful of each other’s boundaries. There are no complaints among my reviews because I deliver the money’s worth and much more. I have become one of the world’s most requested session wrestlers in just one year because I am exceptionally personable, powerful and professional. 

Send me your session request by clicking on the button below and we can coordinate our schedules. Act now, because there is only one Sheena, and I won’t be doing this forever.