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Sheena for President!

America loves a winner. In this culture, second place is the first loser. One winner America adores is Sheena. She has fast become an international fan favorite with a huge following, and she is just warming up.So what better place for her to move to the next level than America, the greatest country in the world?Let’s…
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Winged Victory: Crushed by St. Sheena

I was having a lovely ladies’ social hour with the heavenly host when a little novice angel flew among us and informed me that there was trouble below on Earth.  One of Lucifer’s gargoyles was causing problems in the American city of Metropolis - always a trouble-spot - and I was assigned to deal with…
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Please stop! I’ll do anything!

I had fantasized of having a session with Sheena for over a year. When she finally came to my city, my dream came true.  But it was beyond what I expected. It wasn’t a match. It was a massacre.  A fight means both sides can make aggressive moves and have a chance of winning. My…
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