i have had 4 Amazing Video sessions With Sheena and she always makes my Day better And chyeers me Up at this point she is More than just a wrestler for me she is also a good Friend and i can't Wait To See Her Face to Face she should be on your must fight List


I also met sheena for a session a few days ago, and it was like from another world.
I had the last meeting with her almost a year ago. Back then I could keep up with her and we had a sweaty and fairly balanced session. I have had many sessions with the best session girls in the past, and I have always been good at countering them.
It was different this time with sheena. In my opinion, she tripled her physical strength and improved enormously in ground combat. Every attack by me was immediately repelled and I was unable to move within a few seconds. I am 5.11 and 185 pounds. But it must have looked like a child at 8 years old was fighting an adult man.
Sheena's body feels like it's bulletproof. I can only say if you have the opportunity to meet them take this chance. It is the perfect mix of fun and absolute humiliation.
Sheena is the best there is there was and will ever been.


I had an incredible session with Sheena.
It was exactly what I wanted.
First off, the communication to setup the session was excellent. Sheena sounded genuinely excited about the session which was great and made me look forward to it even more.

The session itself surpassed my expectations. First off she is stunning and in incredible shape. Also i was genuinely shocked how strong she was. There were a few holds she put me in and i genuinely had no chance of escaping. Be prepared to tap!

She was playful and dominant and really managed between making me panic, and what I could handle. She didn't let go on my first taps which i loved.

Do not miss Sheena if she comes to your town. You wont regret it!

Danny D,

I have meet Sheena a lot at judo tournaments and Judo seminars in Europa , also had one time the possibility to be having a randori with her at a judoseminar she really let me see that she was the better judoka , but I have learn a lot at that seminar , she is a great and very strong judoka.