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Sheena Battle Royale A typical wednesday in Hungary. When someone is on the Olympus of martial arts, there are always many contenders and envious people. In this case, an entire gang tried to overwhelm Sheena and take control of her empire. Chaotic conditions, lots of triple team moves and yet, none of this brings them anything. Little by little, Sheena…

Grappling fight The empress is not only of noble blod, she is also the strongest creature in this wide world. She has extensive martial arts experience, an unrestrained will to win and an absolutely cruel desire to create pain. Most people are extremely afraid of her, but sometimes a bold youngster dares to stand in her way. Here you can…

Sheena vs Diablo competitive   You wanted a bitter fight, and here it is. Sheena meets an old fiend and at the same time one of her toughest opponents. The masked thug challenges Sheena one more time, and he too has grown in skills, strength and endurance. Will he be able to seriously endanger Sheena? Very intense fight with throws,…

Hillside Beatdown (dirty feet, punches, feet choke, scissorhold, forced foot worship, cross bodypin, armbars...)

Sheena gives a judo lesson   judo throw beatdown (uchi mata)

Sheena - Warrior Amazon It's a grappling practice video with submission holds.  

Naked Choke torture   Sheena torturing her victim mostly with naked choke with smothering, this video contains knock outs.

Sheena Judo practice it's a judo practive video with many throws and submissionholds.

Mat Conflict (scissor holds, wrestling submission holds, ankle choke, arm- locks, camle clutch...)