Sheena Armwrestling 01

Contest? Pffft! Don’t be silly.  Set the timer.  I’ll give you 60 seconds to get my hand down even a bit.  If you can’t move me at all, then I’ll put your hand down immediately.  Ready?  Let’s go. Hmm? I said go.  Is that all you’ve got?  Really? You make me giggle.  You are so outclassed.  Try harder.  I thought you said your right hand is your stronger one.  Stop whimpering. You’re running out of time big girl! Ah, listen to that, time's up.  Down you go.

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  1. James Marzai
    Oh WOW !!! Just WOW !!! This description is simply the best that I read from you Sheena ! And it could be exactly what I'd like to see in one of my future custom armwrestling video !!! It makes me think of your armwrestling vs Luna Toxic ! You humiliated her so well !

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