Sheena Wrestling 118

If at first you don’t succeed, don’t make a bloody fool of yourself.

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  1. empress Sheena this hold is so impressive as everything about you is. I wonder if you invented this hold. I'm kind of a session virgin. but your the only person i seen use it.. one day I hope to have a session with you in the future when things get back to normal. I'm a very timid submissive male not to mention very weak. so I'm hoping able to build up enough courage to ask for a session one day.. i had my first session about 2 years ago and it was not at all i expected. nothing bad, just unexpected.. when she heard me screaming like the weak little boy i am. it seemed to get her over excited in ways I didn't expect. she of course had all the control. i couldn't fight her advances off. it was a great time but just not the normal session. all though it was great, it kind of scared me away from the session world.. I realized i need to be careful about the world of sessions. and find a session girl i can trust with my safety. I see all your reviews are awesome.. everything about your social media and your website is great. from the first time i saw your profile on Instagram I've been a huge fan of yours.. I'm a real big fan of session girls in general! its my opinion that session girls are the most powerful and dominant people of the human race. I have the upmost respect for what you do... I know i may be bias because I'm a fan of yours but I think your the best! sorry for this super long message, I know you don't like long messages. if I build up the courage to book a session with you. you can punish me with your powerful weapons with no mercy. obviously it will be what I deserve.??❤? wishing you a great and safe week.. take care always.. a devoted fan Robert,

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