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Sheena Masked Suck It Up Round

Sheena beats up American Captain (camel clutch, scissorsholds, feetchoke, arm- locks...)

Sheena Birthday Bandit Beating

A bandit broke in at Sheena's apartment on her Birthday... well the Bandit just fails like all the others ... how? Watch out the clip. 😉

Sheena Wrestling Instructor Surprise

2021 (new clip) Steve was waiting his wrestling instructor but Sheena has arrived. He was kind of disappointed to learn by female. Sheena got pissed and kicked his ass. (it Continue Reading

Sheena Wrestling Scorecard

This is about who gonna make first the 10 submission hold, and after 10 minutes facesitting. obviously Sheena won, but do you think this dude was able to submit her Continue Reading

Sheena Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Wrestling Here’s the kind of superhero who could assassinate demons accidentally while simply crossing her legs. Sheena’s take on Wonder Woman turns the Amazon Princess into a raw, Continue Reading

Sheena vs Shay – Good Luck Girl

Here we go Sheena and the LFC another finalist Shay Lynn wrestling fight. 20 minutes competitive wrestling match. Shay was very competitive and brave in this clip!