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My wonderful friends at Utopia Entertainment reached out to me in March while I was competing in the Arnold Sports Festival physique category. They wanted to film some of their always excellent wrestling videos with me in contest shape, and I always enjoy working with them. 

They have just released their videos to the public, so it is a win for me, a win for them, and a big win for all you Sheena fans.

It was not a win, however, for my costar Lance. He is a fine fellow, about 6 feet (1.8 meters) tall and strong looking, no weakling, with nice hard muscles on him. Clearly, he’s courageous to keep going against me in filmed combats he has no chance of winning. I guess you would call him an optimist.

 UTCS-85 Sheena Breaks Lance!  

 UTCS-85 Sheena Breaks Lance!

As for me, with so much shapely muscle slabbed on my body that your jaws drop, I approached him with complete confidence. Like always.

Every Utopia video has a simple story line to set off our 15-minute nonstop fights. Then we just go at it. We improvise our moves like tournament wrestlers trying to take each other down. Rather, he’s trying. It’s a challenge for him and a snap for me. I force him down like a wrecking ball every time. 

After two hard wrestling defeats by me, when Lance got his breath back I talked with him and Utopia’s creative boss Kip about the experience.

 UTCS-82 Personal Trainer Trouncing! 

 UTCS-82 Personal Trainer Trouncing!
 UTCS-82 Personal Trainer Trouncing!

“I remember almost passing out about 5 or 10 times,” said Lance, a veteran of several hundred wrestling videos. “That’s unusual. You’re very strong.” 

He did a lot of let-me-go taps as I worked him over, “but you didn’t want to and there wasn’t anything I could do, that’s how strong you are. It’s out of this world good, everything you do, your wrestling, your judo, your striking, your jiu jitsu. You’re very well rounded and I wouldn’t want to be the one that upsets you. There are a lot of wrestlers who need direction so I’m like, leading their scene. With you, I don’t do anything. You’re great to work with. On a scale of 1 to 10, you’re 15.”

 UTCS-82 Personal Trainer Trouncing!

“You’re more muscular than you were when you first came to America,” said Kip, who has made over 1,000 videos since he began in 1992. “You have grown! Fifteen inch (0.38 meters) biceps when you’re not even flexing hard. I think your (on camera) fighting skill has grown as well. I think you had fantastic skill when I first shot with you, but I do feel you are more accomplished now.”

“You’re a badass. No question about it. You’re the complete package, beautiful and built like crazy and highly skilled.”

This was my third filming session with Utopia and I’m sure there will be many more. Check it out. Here are the links:



Each release has 6 full-screen images and each has a 1 min. free clip.

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