Which of Sheena’s traits do you admire most?

2 Responses

  1. I like the fact that you can usually guarantee she will do a victory pose on her opponent after she wins. I just wish it would be her foot on his face more
  2. Especially when matches with girls are involved I like to see a weight, height Body Comparison back to back Also hands & feet incl. size nr. Measuring biceps, quads & calves, The fight should start with arm & Thigh wrestling. Sheena should squeeze the other girl's knees & thighs within her thighs while the girl is trying to open Sheena's thighs Then reversed Sheena opens the girl's thighs, shouting that she is the strongest showing in a strength test by turning the girl's fingers & forcing her to stand on her toes & then kneel After body & head scissors the girl shall Tap but is to beg for Mercy 1st then to shout loud for a Please Mercy Finally Sheena shall put her foot on the Loser's face & flex the biceps

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