Sheena for President!

America loves a winner. In this culture, second place is the first loser. 

One winner America adores is Sheena. She has fast become an international fan favorite with a huge following, and she is just warming up.

So what better place for her to move to the next level than America, the greatest country in the world?

Let’s make the 2020 election a proper showdown.

Support Sheena for President!

She is genuinely beautiful, has a gorgeously athletic body, a sunny personality, endless energy, and a competitive streak that makes her formidable - and effective! - in any contest.

We will disregard the facts that Sheena does not meet the age requirement, US citizenship rule or honestly any of the other jazz required for holding the job as the most powerful figure in the world. Who cares? IT’S SHEENA.

Yes, she is foreign born in Hungary. But her Austrian next door neighbor Arnold Schwarzenegger was a popular two-term governor of California.

Experience? President is just a title, basically, and Sheena has sports titles up the wazoo. All of which she earned fair and square, which is a plus.

Americans are looking for someone who can raise them up. Sheena can definitely lift them higher than any other candidate, and longer, for reps.

She is skilled in foreign relations, having grappled with hundreds of international representatives until they surrendered. Crushing foreign adversaries would be a snap.

Sheena can make the campaign arena into a real, genuine arena. Just imagine her shifting the topic of any presidential debate to a proper arm wrestling contest. Would some old geezer mainstream candidate beat her?

Best of all, she had no ideological interests whatsoever. If you are an angry extremist that means you can enjoy all your fury and resentment without having to pretend that you are calm and reasonable.

In the Sheena administration, if you are an extremist schizo, you can howl at whatever authorized list of enemies you choose and strut around all day accusing them of being responsible for every hardship in the world, while claiming all the credit for everything positive yourself!

Win-win! Don’t be a loser! Vote for Sheena!

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