Poll: Which realistic special effects would you enjoy seeing in a Sheena video?

4 Responses

  1. Bob
    Throat lift or overhead lift.
  2. Joe
    I'd love to see more ground and pound. Pin your opponent's arms down to make them totally defenceless while you pound them at will into submission. Also, I'd love to hear more verbal taunting to humiliate your opponent. Keep the microphone close to pick up on the crys of submission and the taunts of domination.
  3. Joe
    I would love to see Sheena break a man’s arm and hear him plead, beg and shriek. I would love to see some devastating barefoot kicks into a mans face with broken nose, broken cheekbone or eye socket even. Would love some Sheena kicks in the mans mouth that caused fat lips, bloody mouth and nose. Kicks and punches until both his eyes were swollen shut and he was helpless would be great and I would pay huge money for it.
  4. Matheus
    I'd love to see Sheena, as a superheroine, been published by a young female wrestler and begging for mercy at the end

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