Sheena’s Sessiongirls Interview

Hey, guys. If you want to get to know me a little better, be sure to check out this fun interview. 

For a half hour you can hear my sexy Hungarian accent as I talk with the lovely Jennifer Thomas, creator of 

You can learn about my sports background🥋, and how the TV series “Xena” inspired me to become Sheena

I explain how my ideas about wrestling have evolved in the session world✂️, and my toughest female vs. female matches🤼‍♀️.  

You can learn about my new passion for bodybuilding💪🏻, my family🥰, plus my goals for the future🇺🇸.

I even explain why what you wimpy guys consider a competitive match feels like fantasy to me🤣 and how I have come to really love ballbusting🦶🏐😆! 

I promise you a lot of personal insights and a ton of laughs!

- Sheena

3 Responses

  1. Thank you for this great interview Sheena ! It's a pleasure to listen to you, speaking up and well articulated ! 👍😀
  2. Very beatiful and strong When you make it to Australia you will be booked out in seconds 😀.
  3. You are the best woman ever!

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