Poll: What is your ideal kind of session with Sheena?

6 Responses

  1. Fully competitive ! With you dominating me despite my best try to wrestle you ! ???
  2. Beatdown + muscle worship + findom session would be my favorite
  3. I'd like a worship session, some cuddle and beatdown, wrapped in with some findom
  4. PT
    I think the second option, with elements of the first option...........or maybe I mean the first option, with elements of the second option!
  5. Honestly I have never had a session with any woman but I'd love my first and only woman to be with Sheena. It'd have to fantasy and role play anything involving her in pantyhose and those beyond perfect thighs tightly wrapped around my neck. Getting put to sleep 💤😴 over and again by Sheena is a fantasy inwant fulfilled sooner the better. If I had 3 wishes all 3 of them would be to be scissored slowly to sleep by sheena
  6. Be carefull, she can kill you and the scissor seems nice, but it will be very painful...

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