Poll: What is your ideal kind of session with Sheena?

18 Responses

  1. James Marzari
    Fully competitive ! With you dominating me despite my best try to wrestle you ! ???
  2. Jake
    Beatdown + muscle worship + findom session would be my favorite
    • Jake
      Trying my hardest to fight back but getting utterly dominated and toyed with with ease. Pinned, choked, squeezed, thrown around, mocked and humiliated. After being dominated I’m made worship Sheena’s gorgeous muscles!
  3. Helpnserveu
    I'd like a worship session, some cuddle and beatdown, wrapped in with some findom
    • Mike
      Sheena in martial arts uniform beats me into submission
  4. PT
    I think the second option, with elements of the first option...........or maybe I mean the first option, with elements of the second option!
  5. Drew mathias
    Honestly I have never had a session with any woman but I'd love my first and only woman to be with Sheena. It'd have to fantasy and role play anything involving her in pantyhose and those beyond perfect thighs tightly wrapped around my neck. Getting put to sleep ?? over and again by Sheena is a fantasy inwant fulfilled sooner the better. If I had 3 wishes all 3 of them would be to be scissored slowly to sleep by sheena
  6. Jasper
    Be carefull, she can kill you and the scissor seems nice, but it will be very painful...
  7. Jep
    She said she would try to schedule a session with me later in the year.a energetic and vigorous wrestling encounter working up some intense sweat and cardio.followed by a cool down time with some role playing and muscle massage appreciation with some playful tickling.exchanging some scissors and grapevines with our muscles tensing against each other while looking into each other's face with a grin and giving the queen all the sweet sweaty cardio she could handle.
  8. NH
    For me it’s all about judo. Love to see her in a white gi with her black belt. Seeing her amazing feet move as she throws and holds people
  9. Sandy
    I would love to be get badly humilated by strong dominat female wrestler mistress sheena as I'm a skinny guy 5 :7 who can easily be dominated as I'm skinny and get beatdown by her super easilylove to be get humilated and dominated by her
  10. bunny
    muscle worshipping my fac
  11. Tim
    A wrestling hold clinic/tutorial. Sheena applies and explains various arm and leg locks, along with forward and reverse leg scissor holds on a willing partner.
  12. Jimmie
    Ideal for me would be a total leg and feet demonstration with the whole session consisting of her powerful scissors and ankle chokes with a few ko's and some foot domination.
    • Bram
      Her in judogi dominating me with her judo skills and than going to her bikini and scissoring me and putting her feet on my face
  13. Joseph Marini
    I would have her , and don't believe I'm writing and asking for it, her scissors and foot holds. I wonder would she let go when I tapped. That she won't scared the heck out of me.
  14. Thomas
    If I ask Sheena for a brutal beatdown, I will regret it for the rest of the session, maybe the rest of the month if she busts me up really good. But if I DON'T ask Sheena for a brutal beatdown, I will regret it for the rest of my life.
  15. Byron Taylor
    My Dream Session With Sheena: Sheena wearing tight fitting Black leather gloves. She pounds my eyes until the are blackened and swollen shut and then Sheena marks up the rest of my face and stomach.

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