Poll: How would you like to have Sheena as a quarantine roommate?

6 Responses

  1. James Marzari
    If you were my roomate, I'd like to wrestling competitively with you for 2-3 hours each day ! With some test of strength and escape challenge ! ???
  2. Jay
    I would cook breakfast,lunch and dinner for her and learn her meal prep practices. I'd study her for life drawings and paintings. We'd go on walks and runs around the neighborhood and then finish with cleaning each other according the the covid19 guidelines as stated above. Free massages anytime.
    • Mike
      Sheena as a roommate would be a dream come true I would love to be her submissive training dummy
  3. Joel
    I’d love to see her perform feats of strength such as bending steel bars, letting me put handcuffs on her and watch snap them like spaghetti, and bench at least 600 pounds for a minimum of 100 reps. If she can’t do that then I’ll prove she’s not the strongest woman in the world by bringing in a woman who can
    • Name*
      wrestle the queen put in scissors for hrs smothering all day domination till i pass out
  4. Ben
    Personally I would happily be at Sheena’s beck and call, I’d wash and iron all her martial arts outfits for her to wear whilst she inflicted her throws, holds, chokes and kicks on me daily, with each passing day more painful and intense than the last

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