Dubai trip.

COMING SOON: Another amazing tour filled with new friendships, flexes, tap outs, scissors, and now, high-quality photo / video productions.

From Feb. 9 - 16, I begin my first invasion and conquest of Dubai, one of the world’s most beautiful and scenic locations.

This will be one of my last trips as I prepare intensely to compete in the Arnold classic fitness championship. I am in the best shape of my life, even more powerful than before. Rep after rep, I am in Beast Mode, building thicker, stronger and more defined muscles.

I will be driving my session slaves to the point of madness.

But I am offering more. To capture my amazing genetics at the physical peak, I will give all my fans the chance to commission custom photo sets and mini-movies following your own concept.

Don’t you want your personal video to capture Sheena in her greatest form ever?

Even better, I am accompanied by my dear friend the gorgeous Warrior Amazon and a famous European glamour photographer to shoot everything at the highest level. 

Great framing, perfect lighting, brilliant visuals produced to a whole new standard. And customized to your wishes at

Want to see this strong, aggressive female powerhouse pumping up and putting down a frightened macho man?

Shall I wrestle through some very dangerous holds and positions with the awesome Warrior? Perhaps double-team with her against a helpless victim?

Would you enjoy seeing my mighty she-muscles do impossible strength moves? 

Or perform my sensual, thrilling gym workout up close and personal, just for you?

Want me to inflict mayhem in a frightening, savage mixed martial arts match? 

Should I pose outdoors in a tiny bikini with Warrior like a couple of Muscle Beach bitches?

I will fill your custom video / photo request to fit your fantasy. Please, nothing offensive. But if you find a deep thrill in female strength, skill and dominance, your fondest dreams are about to come true. 

Or kinky nightmares haha. 

If you are in Dubai and want to meet us in real life, visit to sign up for a session but don’t forget, there is no guarantee you are gonna survive it.

So why don’t you book your custom clips and photos before? Just in case.

Send your requests to Once again, I will bring your dreams to reality. Isn’t this a great time to be alive?

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  1. Arnold Ziffel
    Hello, Sheena! I have decided to order a Dubai video, and you can add it to your clip store. Make it for a commission fee, sell it for profit forever! Win-win. Since your fans are completely excited by your muscular new body shape and increasingly violent videos, please make one that displays both at the maximum. Sheena as an awesome and attractive weapon of war. I would like you to produce a beatdown that will be considered the best you have ever made. Take it to a new level. Make it AMAZING. It should include repeated judo throws and hip tosses, showcasing your world class traditional skills. Hurl him sideways like a rag doll, with a smug little smirk. I want you to deliver all the boxing, joint locks, bear hugging and headlock chokes the man can stand, focusing on the frightening power of your new bigger, thicker, stronger arms. You should also terrify him with muscular bicep flexes that show him where his next trip to hell is coming from. Beat him senseless and beat him some more. Your attitude should be the superior, contemptuous cruelty of a true bully — to call Sheena brutal here would be a major understatement. You don’t giggle here. You sneer. Put him in dangerous holds and take him absolutely to the breaking point. You are a strong, fearless and savage lioness tearing apart your weak, cowardly and helpless prey. Lift his head up by his hair, keep pulling him on his feet as he begs you to stop, only to hoist him up in the air and slam him face-first to the ground again. Throw him around and punish him in sadistic holds. Drive your knee into his chest, crushing the bone. Close your hands over his mouth, clamp them around his neck, wrap your strong arm around his throat and flex to the absolute max. Choke him out mercilessly, time after time. Smack him in his disgusting face, very hard, to wake him up again. Go crazy. Be relentless. Like the song in your recent clip video says, “Kill a man with your hands!” Completely destroy him like you are a merciless Mortal Kombat fighter going for “FATALITY!” In fact, have that victory bulletin appear as you flex in triumph over his body with awesome, unbelievable power. Use this as a sample to show your video customers the intensity you — and only you — are capable of. Make this a calling card for the entire session world. Above all, let it show how thrillingly you can perform on camera, playing the role of a cruel female Terminator. Make this the video you are proudest of in your career. Let me know, and enjoy Dubai!
  2. Foot simp
    I BBC sent believe I missed this by 2 months! Didn’t know she was coming !!!

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