Please stop! I’ll do anything!

I had fantasized of having a session with Sheena for over a year. When she finally came to my city, my dream came true. 

But it was beyond what I expected. It wasn’t a match. It was a massacre. 

A fight means both sides can make aggressive moves and have a chance of winning. My possibility of victory ended as soon as Sheena’s first paralyzing grip captured me.  It was the most awful and most wonderful experience of my life.

I had bought a dozen videos of her matches, showing how she effortlessly wiped out big men, but clips did not do her justice. She had to be seen up close in person to be believed. She had an air of invincibility about her that words can’t describe. 

And that body! I had to be 50 pounds heavier than her, but she intimidated me. This woman was designed to demolish men. Her muscles were just awesome, so pumped-up and powerful! I felt a bit tingly inside and licked my lips involuntarily. She had a cruel hint of a smile on her pretty face as she saw my reaction. 

Suddenly she leaped forward and wrapped her arms around me, pouncing like I was her helpless prey. She locked her arms in a clenched bear hug and I immediately felt the pressure on my lungs. 

She had my arms trapped, so I could feel her thick biceps muscles grinding against the bones of my upper arms. My elbows dug deeper into my ribs against the unreal crushing power of Sheena’s straining muscles.

“What do you think?” she asked. “Do you think I can squeeze hard enough to squash your ribs?”

Her smile just kept getting bigger as she saw the fear in my eyes. My fear was her adrenaline. Feeling my sternum mangled against the firmness of Sheena’s flexing body was a sensation I’ll never forget. Everything seemed so hopeless. Sheena would make me suffer for as long as she wanted - there was nothing I could do about it.

I kept struggling, yet my efforts amounted to nothing as Sheena’s arms pulled tighter and tighter. Like a python, she kept increasing the pressure gradually, taking her time. I could feel my chest being crushed against her amazingly solid pecs. 

The pain was growing. Worse, I could no longer breathe. I exhaled a bit more air from my lungs, but before I could take a gasping breath Sheena snapped her arms even tighter. The pain had spread throughout my rib cage and I could feel the bones in my upper arms start to bend inward. I wondered if Sheena really was strong enough to snap my bones. As the remorseless tightening of her arms continued, I felt tears run down my cheeks. I panicked at the thought of being crushed to death.

What followed was a two-hour session of extreme punishment at her hands. 

My fear factor multiplied as she held me in uncontrollable pain, laughing and calling me her “so-called opponent.”

With the last of my breath I started pleading. 

“Please stop!” I whimpered. “I’ll do anything!”

“Anything?” Sheena said, and to my surprise she eased the pressure. Then she let go, grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down.

“On your knees, wimp!” she ordered.

I coughed and wheezed as I hunched down on the ground. She pushed me further, below her girlish knees.

“Kiss my feet. Start with my toes and work your way up. Slowly,” she said. “And be methodical. Be careful. Be thorough. This perfect body deserves nothing less than devotion.”

I genuflected and went worshipfully to work. The clock was running and Sheena owned me for a full two hours.

It was wondrous. The cruel thing about it is that it was a moment of my life I will never be able to replicate. 

Do you like fantasy? Book a session with me. Your darkest nightmares and sweetest dreams will finally come true.

7 Responses

  1. James Marzari
    Is it from a review from a real session or did you write everything from yourself Sheena ? This is awesome !
    • Sheena
      It is a story. It is fiction. But quite realistic, don’t you agree with me?
      • James Marzari
        Yes, quite realistic ! I agree. ? I'm curious, did you write all those stories on your website ? From your own imagination ? Or is it from the fans sometimes ? I just wanted to let you know that it's well written ! ?? Thank you.
      • randy jackson
        hope you visit san francisco soon sheena bet even tho a story bet you could do that to a weak man from a bear hug love to session with you when in sf to squeeze me in bear hug ;)
  2. Alex
    This. This is amazing.
  3. Luke
    It looks like you would really love to crush someone in a bearhug, Sheena ;)
  4. Jaysson
    I wouldn’t want to suffer pain & discomfort for two hours. But I’d love to know that Sheena could cause it & that I could do nothing to stop it except beg & plead for mercy. I’d love her to force me to genuflect & worship. I’d love to be made into her slave & bitch!!! I’d love her to dominate my body, libido & wallet.

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