I hope that you also visit the Netherlands soon also for doing some sessions. Would love to see you again after many years I not see you on the judomat at tournaments grand prix , European and worldchampionships any more.

Greetings Henk from the Netherlands.


She toured my city in October and she delivered the best ever session. Had a double lift and carry with her and warrior . They were my 1st session. Lovely kind and funny. Hope you come back. Thankyou ladies. Yellow rose....


I met sheena for the 2nd time. She has put on more muscle an is even more dominant if that is possible. After 20 years of sessions she is now my favorite. She is so nice an afterwards i wrestled warrior amazon. It was a wonderful 2 hours. Warrior is so awesome an dominant like sheena. Don't know if i will ever experience 2 hours like that again


Having already met her twice, I can confidently say there are very few session girls who even belong in the same sentence as Sheena. I normally do fantasy, not competitive, but even so, the first time I met her I was actually pretty scared as she destroyed me. I don't think I've ever been squeezed that hard before. Even when other girls were stronger than me before, I never felt scared at all, but Sheena was able to push me to my limits and dominated me like I never have been before, just incredible experience. She also has the best arms out there. I had absolutely zero chance against her in armwrestling, and she easily tossed me around in wrestling, even though I'm much bigger than her. She's not just a strong gym-goer who does sessions, she's a true athlete, and incredibly beautiful. On top of that, she really cares that you have the best session possible, more so than anyone else I've met. She gave me an awesome memory I will never forget by making me kiss her bicep as I was heading out the door even after the session was over.

She later came back to the US, and I booked immediately, this time a longer session. Communication with her was great, she is always warm and sweet in her emails. She's easy to talk to, very smart, and her English is fantastic. This time she was even better. I made sure she didn't go as hard on me because unfortunately I was still recovering from a minor injury. I felt very comfortable with her. She was even bigger and stronger this time. During armwrestling she held my arm still after we started, chuckled, and said "you just emailed me that you were ready!" I again had no chance against her. Her wrestling holds were amazing too, and she has awesome muscle control. She can bounce every one of her muscles perfectly. In her reverse headscissor, she actually pulled me in and squeezed me tight enough that I could easily kiss her glutes, I've never seen anyone do that as well as she did.

If she comes anywhere near your city, don't miss out. Even if you have to travel a little bit, book it. You won't be disappointed. Thank you Sheena, we will meet again.