I had my first wrestling session today, with Sheena, and it was awesome. We alternate some competitive and fantasy for 2 hours, and I haven't manage to have one submission on her, she was just toying with me and made me tap so many Times.
In conclusion she's gorgeous, strong and technical, and she really make me want to have other sessions, especially with her 🙂

FrenchJo ,

I just had a session with sheena
Fantastic . First of all she was very pleasant in mel to conclude our session with a great sense of humor.
When I saw her a delight Body muscle but very feminine.
The session was incredible because she is very cheerful and very strong I did not think that a reverse headscissor could be so stifling.
All her catches were professional and she was playing to push me in my limits.
I asked him to end the session with two ko's.
Unforgettable This was my first experience and she did it safely.Thank you sheena

alainboubou ,

Had a session with Sheena whole on her US tour and what hasn’t been said about her, it’s all true!! Better looking in person, if that’s possible, can go comp/ semi/ fantasy, very technical, very smart/ very agile! Will definitely take it down a notch if you’re not as skilled as her. Knows what she’s doing, and don’t waste her time! Was told 3 guys flaked on her, how the hell can you be a no show on her? Anyway, check her out!

LZ1279 ,

I met Sheena in Egypt,I knew before she is very strong ,but I find high power that can crush any man in seconds,her legs are unbelievable when she crushed me by grapping her legs around my body I feal I will gone just see to her smily face and beg her to merce me, she was so kind to me because she finds that I am not strong, her personality is so strong and she is a woman real woman too,
Thank you Sheena

bassem113 ,