I also met sheena for a session a few days ago, and it was like from another world.
I had the last meeting with her almost a year ago. Back then I could keep up with her and we had a sweaty and fairly balanced session. I have had many sessions with the best session girls in the past, and I have always been good at countering them.
It was different this time with sheena. In my opinion, she tripled her physical strength and improved enormously in ground combat. Every attack by me was immediately repelled and I was unable to move within a few seconds. I am 5.11 and 185 pounds. But it must have looked like a child at 8 years old was fighting an adult man.
Sheena's body feels like it's bulletproof. I can only say if you have the opportunity to meet them take this chance. It is the perfect mix of fun and absolute humiliation.
Sheena is the best there is there was and will ever been.