F*cked up by Sheena

Guys, do not piss me off!

I will coil my legs around you, lock my ankles and flex my jumbo glutes until you let out a high pitched ”Eeeeggghhheee” squeal only a dog could hear.

You don’t want me to wrap my strong arm around your throat as I arch my back and pull hard, every fiber in my body quaking with adrenaline, exploding with brute force. 

Oh, you do? Then after our session you will be on your knees saying thank you, thank you and thank you again. 

Unless I kill you, LOL!

- Sheena


2 Responses

  1. James Marzari
    Wahou !!!!! ??? I'm in love with your description Sheena !!! ??? Seriously, you wrote it so well !!! It makes me want to meet you again even more for another session ! ???
  2. Gary
    What's the most amount of people you have beaten at once?

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