Poll: Following an intense session wrestling against Sheena, how would you be feeling?

4 Responses

  1. Disha
    begging sheena to remove her foot of my chest/stomach as she's crushing it in a victory pose
  2. James Marzari
    Sheena, you are superb !!! ?????????
  3. Rick Dawson
    As I would want a one-sided boxing beat-down session, I'm thinking Sheena's power would not disappoint. Hopefully I would end up knocked out, and when I woke up, I would be struggling to see her beauty through my swollen eyes, as she is investigating the damage caused by her gloves to see if I need a trip to the emergency room for my broken nose and possible concussion.
  4. Terry crown
    I would want to be put to sleep first with a reverse scissors until I was limp and twitching and then once awake put me in a sleeperhold till I was snoring. Once awake I want to feel and worship muscles in your calves and biceps. I want to kiss those muscles!

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