Poll: What do you prefer Sheena to wear while wrestling?

10 Responses

  1. Gerry
    Nude of course, raw and sensual
  2. Amadeas
    Variation - because you look gorgeous in every dress
  3. Bronxx
    Leotards, Thong or Tback is my favorite thing to see her wrestling in. Wrestling singlets would also be nice. Always barefoot.
  4. Marvin
    A Bench funnel neck Fleecejacket or Ugg Boots would be great :)
  5. Marcel
    Sports bra, short sweatpants and running socks
  6. Nuwan
    Thong is the most suitable for Sheena. G String also good. G string can shape of her butt Cheers
    • Chuck
      satin karate gi
  7. Matheus
    A litlle Black thong.
  8. Betapeepee
    Black pantyhose/stockings and a dress. Haywire fight vibes xxx
  9. Mcinvictus
    Pantyhose - Those amazing hard muscles encased in shiny silky smooth pantyhose - wow

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