Poll: What type of Sheena videos do you enjoy most?

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  1. James Marzari
    Sheena vs all the other ladies !!! The more "competitive female wrestling" you do, the better it will be !!! Go wrestle, control, dominate, destroy and humiliate all the ladies from the whole earth !!!
  2. Joe Baloney
    I know I'm probably out numbered here, but I'm a fan of Sheena's F v F work. Don't get me wrong, she looks great kicking guys' asses. But for those of us who desire the woman who's beautiful beyond compare, built like she came down from Olympus, and can physically prove she's the pinnacle of womanhood, Sheena is our dream come true.
  3. Rick Dawson
    Would LOVE to see Sheena the KO Queen in one-sided mixed boxing, where she does not show any mercy and the victim isn't some putz faking groans and knockdowns.
  4. Joe
    I would like to see an extreme beat down with lots of face kicks, ball kicks, face punches by Sheena against an overmatched maybe older man. I really want to see Sheena injure and bloody the man up and maybe close his eyes with strikes and kicks, where the man is almost in fear of his life and panicked. Sheena could then get him to give her a large sum of money to live. Lots of face and ball injuries.
  5. Bronxx
    Leotards mainly. T back or thong suits are my fav to see her fight in.
  6. Bronxx
    My fav video's with her in it are fem vs fem wrestling or strength tests like scissors or maybe fantasy fights.

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