I have sessioned twice with Sheena now. My first was just as she was starting out last year and I immediately recognised that this was a girl who would come to be an important part of the European session scene. Not only is she the "real deal" - a properly trained fighter with awesome skills and strength - she is also totally professional in the way she organises and conducts sessions. We have done competitive grappling (with no chance of me overcoming her skills despite a judo background) and also some role play to which she was new but took to immediately.

pin down,

Had a competitive session with Sheena yesterday in Manchester. This was my first mixed wrestling session and boy was I in for a treat.
Firstly, Sheena looks gorgeous in the flesh and is very kind and gentle which helped put me at ease. Then came the wrestling and this woman is a beast on the mats. I tried the best I could but as soon as she wrapped her legs around me I felt utterly helpless. At first she was making me tap every few mins with triangles, arm bars and scissors etc. Then, as I started to get tired she toyed with me a little. She is very adept at wrestling at the level that you want.
I have to say I was expecting to get my ass kicked with it being my first session but I wasn’t expecting to be so overwhelmed physically. She beat me pretty easily in armwrestling as well. Was quite close on the left (although I think she was toying with me) and she beat me easily with the right arm despite me outweighing her by 2 stone.
If you’re looking for a sweet gorgeous woman who can beat you physically and technically on the mats then this woman should be on the top of your list.