Sheena’s Dominant Muscle

His face turned red as he grunted and his whole body quivered. 

He was weakly struggling as I choked him out slowly. 

My thick and muscular forearm was tightening on his throat like a constricting iron band cutting off his breath and the blood flow to his dazed brain. 

My rear naked choke was too strong for him to ask for release. Not that he wanted me to stop. It was his favorite hold of mine. 

He seemed serious as he patted me for mercy, but I laughed and kept him trapped a little longer, trembling with fear and desire. 

This was what he really wanted, anyway. He was enjoying how powerfully I bullied him, piling pain onto pain while always avoiding permanent damage, and I was enjoying his helpless defeat. 

I knew what he was really thinking. “Oh yes, do it, yes, Sheena, please!” He would like to be conquered more. 

I relaxed the strangling crush until his senses started to come back. And then I tightened the noose again, my massive, solid feeling bicep flexing harder.

We could keep doing this for hours. 

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  1. You're so talented by writing all those stories ! ???
  2. I absolutely want to live this story in reality. as you say for hours, under your suffocation grips until you fall asleep and then start again and start again "for hours".

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