I was Sheena’s first session in NYC today and it was my first time trying out semi-competitive wrestling and she kicked my ass completely. I literally had no chance in Hell and as hard as I would try (100%) I could barely move her in any direction and even when I did, she was already ready with another move. It’s funny because despite her totally beating the shit out of me, I could tell she was taking it easy on me because she was able to have short convos with Warrior Amazonne while I was struggling and thinking as hard as I could to reverse her submissions! I was successful in getting her off maybe one time and it ended up in her powerbombing me on the bed within a second of me breaking away. Another time I got her off (which she let me) I looked around and immediately had my face shoved and planted into the mat by one of her feet. She was doing everything she could to make this a perfect hour session. Sheena is maybe a year or two older than me but maybe 5 times as strong. She told me she could kill me if she wanted to and I fully and totally believe that. I’m glad I’m alive to tell the story. I loved every single second of this session and I knew it was going to be the best one I ever had since I first saw her online. I wish I could’ve been able the whole day with this beautiful Goddess!