I first saw Sheena 9 months ago and I decided to contact her because she was beautiful and she was a national level judo competitor. It would be a first for me to session with someone with that kind of skill set. In that session I learned that she was stronger than she looked and I saw some of the skills she had. I mostly enjoyed the extra 30 minutes of conversation she gave me afterward. She is an absolute sweetheart! I decided if she came back I would see her again. She returned, I booked again and this time she had an apartment with a huge floor to wrestle on. She looked bigger in her arms and legs than the first session. She extended her hands, I locked mine in hers and she dropped me to my knees. From that point on I never made it to my feet. She rolled me all over the floor going from one hold to the next. I was continuously whining and tapping out. If I attempted to make a move to escape she used that move to put me in a worse predicament. I was exhausted and spent most of the time on my back. One time she was lying on her back and had me in an arm bar with one foot under my neck and the other foot over my neck and was choking me out with her feet. I couldn’t move and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t move and how she could apply that much pressure. That night she could have broken my arm, cracked my ribs or snapped my neck. And that, according to her, was with a max of 30% pressure. She then let me sit up and rest a little and then she picked me up and put me over her shoulders and spun me around like a helicopter propeller. I was TOTALLY destroyed by a beautiful young lady. Was I humiliated? No. I’m over twice her age and my only offense was trying to defend myself. That failed miserably. Was I humbled? Yes! I have tremendous respect for her. This young lady looks like a model, is very kind, is very strong and highly skilled. Don’t miss out. She will be BIG in some arena some day!