I am so fortunate I had the chance to session with Sheena while she was traveling. If Sheena comes to your city be sure to set up a session right away.
Not only is she an incredible and very accomplished athlete but she is breathtakingly beautiful and fun. She was kind enough to go along with some fantasy role play ideas for our session and it was amazing. I am 6’0” 185 lbs and she threw me around like a ragdoll. Even when I tried to resist she took me down with ease. Her martial arts skills were very apparent. She busted my balls to oblivion with perfect kicks and she introduced me to judo
flips and face kicking. Even though I was considerably taller she was able to execute standing face kicks with perfect precision.Sheena is a fabulous martial artist and muscle goddess not to be missed. If you are not already a fan and a supporter, you will be after meeting her.